Air Conditioning Perth wholesale

Air conditioning Perth Wholesale

Welcome to Gmtair Pty Ltd we are a leading supplier of quality Products to the Air Conditioning Perth wholesale market. We  manufacturer and distribute a large range  of high quality air Conditioning products for both domestic & commercial applications. We have a motto within the business A cost effective Solution using quality components we also offer a reliable service to make sure we meet your needs and expectations no job is to big or small with over 30 years experience in the Perth Air conditioning industry we know how to delivery quality service at a competitive price.

Plain flexible ducting

Plain Flexible Ducting

Gmtair manufactures a quality flexible ducting Product  that I believe is one of the best quality products available on the Perth market. We use a local insulation supplier not imported product and the insulation is ordered and manufactured to a R rating not grams that meets all the new standards. The products we use to produce our flexible ducting are far superior to other products that are used to produce other products available  on the market and is a heavier material therefore the finished product is in a class of its own.  Gmtair also produces quality sheet metal air conditioning products along with y pieces so the turn around time on jobs can be very responsive . As an indication we have had a complete reverse cycle job ordered in the morning at 9.00am and has been delivered to site by 1.00pm in the after noon of the same day including starter sets and air conditioning unit.

Plastic Air diffusion

Plastic Air diffusion

We also import and stock a large range of  air diffusion products from plastic air diffusion vents for your  domestic ducted evaporative cooling system and Ducted Reverse cycle air conditioning systems. we also stock a lot of metal air diffusion like return air grilles, wall registers, linear slots and t bar ceiling diffusers with lots of different sizes. If we do not stock a particular product and you use it on a regular basis we would look at adding to our standard product providing the numbers are right.

We Manufacture all our own  sheet metal fittings in house so it you need a urgent fitting we can help you wont experience the big company delays with Gmtair if you are one of our regular customers. We can also offer quick turn around for complete systems if they are stock items we carry several major brand starters in stock just awaiting spigots and insulation to complete starter sets. Like Panasonic,Samsung and Mitsubishi heavy industries once again if you use and different brand and the numbers are right we would stock to ensure quick turn around on your jobs.

We also stock lots of products that are require for Reverse cycle ducted air conditioning systems, Ducted Evaporative cooling systems , Ducted gas heating systems. and air  Air transfer systems, ventilation and exhaust. We also carry skylight ducting.

We sell directly to the air conditioning contractors of Perth and the general  public in either component form or complete kits We also  stock and sell certain brands of ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems. If you are a small contractor get pricing on complete systems you may be pleasantly surprised at the price.

If you are looking for a Quality Air conditioning Perth wholesale supplier call us on 9271 8643

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