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Gmtair Manufactures and supplies quality products for ducted air conditioning Perth systems . We have supplied large commercial projects with large volumes of flexible ducting, made specialised sheet metal ductwork and supplied specialised air diffusion. We also service the Perth diy air conditioning market with complete supply and design service. We have also supplied large volume of Ducted air conditioning machines for specific projects.

Ducted Air conditioning units

Panasonic air Perth

A Ducted Reverse cycle air conditioning System

Is one of the most efficient forms for heating your Perth home and a very effective way of cooling your home

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A Ducted Evaporative Air Conditioning System

Is the cheapest form of ducted air conditioning for cooling your Perth home and is cost effective to run  

Ducted Gas furnance Perth

Ducted Gas Heating Air Conditioning Systems

Is the form of heating you match with your Ducted evaporative cooling Perth air conditioning system


Diy Ducted Air Conditioning Systems  

Is a cost effective way to buy ducted air conditioning to save money on heating and cooling  your Perth home

Ducted Air Conditioning Parts

Ducted Air conditioning Units

Ducted air conditioning units are an very important part of any air conditioning Perth system

Flexible Ducting

Quality flexible ducting is what most people forget about this is the heart of your ducted air conditioning system. If poor quality insulation is used it will cost you in energy costs

Steel Motorised Dampers

A quality motorised damper is a must in any ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system for reliability

Air diffusion

Quality air diffusion is important to a job if you are take vent down to clean you do not want the falling apart when replacing

Sheet Metal Products

Sheet metal components are used n ducted air conditioning Perth systems. They are use to make installation easier and long lasting as they don’t break down with uv.

Diy Air conditioning Perth Kits

Diy Air conditioning Perth Kits are a great way of providing ducted air conditioning systems  for your Perth home. A potentially saving of up to $1000.00 dollars depending on the size of your home. Gmtair can supply a fully design ducted air conditioning system along with supplying the air conditioning machine and all the components to taking all the guess work. We supply all of the major brands for both ducted Reverse cycle air conditioning Perth systems to Ducted Evaporative air conditioning systems.

Diy Air Conditioning Perth Gmtair
air conditioning Perth wall split

Wall Splits Perth

Gmtair also stocks and sells leading brands of wall splits and can advise the solution for all your air conditioning Perth needs. Including advising correct wall split sizing, we also sell all wall spilt Perth accessories like pipe covers, wall brackets and plastic feet.Delivery of all products can be arranged if required for a cost.

Gmtair Perth Air conditioning News and Latest Specials

Gmtair Perth Air conditioning News and Latest Specials
Panasonic Ducted Air

Panasonic Ducted Air

Panasonic ducted air is a very efficient form of heating and cooling your Perth home we are nearing the end of winter and we still have a couple of months left of cold nights. So why not act now and install a quality Panasonic ducted air conditioning system in your... read more
Air conditioning Perth City

Air conditioning Perth City

Air conditioning Perth City is just about a must these days in our homes with our long hot summers in Perth and our winters are starting to get colder. The question is what Type of air conditioning should I buy, how much is it going to cost me? and can I do it my self... read more
Ducted Air Conditioning which one ?

Ducted Air Conditioning which one ?

What is your budget as this helps with 2 different parts the first being the type as an example lets say your budget is $4000.00 you will not get a reverse cycle ducted air conditioning system installed for that price no matter the brand or size. But you would get a... read more
Heating Perth Homes

Heating Perth Homes

Reverse cycle Heating Perth Homes  is becoming very important these days as the winters in Perth appear to be getting colder. One of the most efficient forms of heating for you home is ducted reverse cycle air conditioning. The two most common  types of reverse cycle... read more

So if you are looking for an Air conditioning system contact us

Drop us a line any time, and we would be only to happy to assist with what ever level of service you require

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