Daikin Ducted Air Conditioning

daikin ducted air conditioning perthDaikin Ducted Air Conditioning Perth is a world class air conditioning brand. The Daikin brand has many different models to suit every application. With Perth’s long hot summer weather it is a perfect choice to keep your home cool in Perth. Daikin has a ducted air conditioning system to suit all applications. From a small unit to a large commercial building. When choosing a ducted air conditioning system use a reputable company to install the product for you. Because no matter how good the machine it will never over come a poor design and installation.The design apart from the choice of machine is very important. When designing ducted air conditioning systems you have to make allowances for the environment and building which some companies sometimes overlook. As this will make a difference to the performance of your Daikin ducted air conditioning system.

What makes Gmtair’s Daikin Ducted air conditioning systems different from the rest

Gmtair is a family run business that has over 32 years experience in the Air conditioning Perth industry. Our Factory manufactures a lot of its own products in Bayswater.  Gmtair manufactures our very own high quality flexible ducting in bayswater. We support local small business were possible and ensure the quality of the product they supply.

Also with all of our Daikin ducted air conditioning systems we only use reliable products and  proven designs.Because a lot of air conditioning companies will up sell to unnecessary LCD electronics, add in extra zoning when not required or over size there machine size to push the price up and collect more commission. At Gmtair we will sell you the brand and system you require that will suit your needs and budget. You deal directly with the owner of the business not a sales guy and we care about the end result.

in addition Gmtair also offers many different levels of service. We have supplied hundreds of systems to happy customers over the years fully installed. We also go the extra mile to make sure the systems work correctly.

6 things we don’t cut corners on to ensure the quality of your Daikin ducted air conditioning system.

  • Brand of systems we use and recommend, If we wouldn’t install it in our own home we wont put it in yours.
  • Quality of components used in your ducted air conditioning systems.
  • Australian made products are used were possible.
  • We only use high quality Australian made flexible Ducting.
  • Only quality installers are used  to install our ducted air conditioning systems.
  • We stand buy our installation and offer a solid 5 year warranty on work performed.

Gmtair can also offer a fully designed DIY air conditioning system were you can do most of the installation yourself and save your self some dollars.

Contact us for an obligation free quote call or email us in your house plans. We can do fully installed or a supply only as a Daikin ducted air conditioning system.


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