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Diy Air Conditioning kits 

Diy Air Conditioning kits are a great way to save money on ducted air conditioning in your home. If You are a well skilled handy man or trades person you are more than capable of taking on a diy air conditioning project in your home. A large portion of the installation work you can do.

Diy Air Conditioning kitsFor and evaporative Diy Air Conditioning kit some of the work you could do would consist of, the installation of your dropper and mounting of the evaporative cooler and cutting and installing your air diffusion in each or your rooms and running and taping all your flexible ducting to your y pieces and vents in your roof space. You would need to get an qualified electrician and a qualified plumber to finish off the commissioning of your ducted evaporative air conditioning system

Panasonic condensorFor a Reverse cycle air Diy Air Conditioning kit some of the work you could do would consist of, the installation  and mounting of your fan coil unit in the roof space and the attaching of the supply and return plenum’s. the cutting and installing of your motorised dampers and the installation of your  air diffusion vents in each of your rooms. Running and taping all your flexible ducting to your y pieces in your roof space and connecting to your air diffusion vents.You can also install your zoning system and run all cabling as the system s extra low voltage being 24 volts.  You would need to get an qualified electrician to make mains connection and interconnection between indoor and out door unit. You will also need a qualified Refrigeration guy to run copper pipe and commission or this may void your warranty he can also check to make sure  your system is working correctly.

As part of your Diy Air Conditioning kit Gmtair will do a flexible ducting design layout with the correct sizing with recommendations for the correct size unit for your home. We Supply all of the leading brands in ducted evaporative air conditioning and Reverse cycle ar conditioning both in Ducted and the cheaper wall split type reverse cycle systems. We stock a rang of systems which enables quick turn around and supply. if we do not have it in stock we can buy in.

Gmtair will assist with recommending trades if required as we have a list of preferred contractors where we know the quality of their work is up to a high standard and their prices are fair. After all there is no point in paying a good price for all components if you are going to pay above prices on the qualified trades for installation. Have a look around the rest of the site to to see more information and quality of the components used within your Diy Air Conditioning kits.

Diy Kits

As part of our Diy service we will offer solid advice with over 25 years experience within the Perth air conditioning market, we will offer a competitive price with out sacrificing quality. We can offer either ducted Reverse cycle  air conditioning systems or Ducted evaporate cooling systems. We will discuss your needs, when you have decided which system suits your needs and your budget. We will do a custom design and supply a flexible ducting layout.

Diy air conditioning kits can generally be collected within 2 days of order being placed we hold a large stock of Ducting Supplies and some brands of ducted air conditioning  units so some systems could even be supplied the same day order is place.

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Diy Air Conditioning Kits

If  Diy Air Conditioning Kits are not for you we have a large selection of high quality contractors to do the installation for you. We can also refer  you to one of our quality air conditioning companies that we know use our quality components and offers a high Level of customer service. For our Diy ducted air conditioning kits the brands of units we use offers a solid 5 Year Warranty Providing they are commissioned by the relevant qualified trades.

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