Ducted Air Conditioning Perth Vents

Ducted Air Conditioning Perth VentsDo you need to replace your ducted air conditioning Perth vents also know as air diffusion. Replacing your ducted air conditioning vents is quite simple and is something you can do yourself. The need for replacing your ducted air conditioning vent is sometimes cosmetic. The plastic air conditioning vent can turned yellow over time and the yellow colour looks very dated. Another reason is because of regular cleaning and opening and closing for summer and winter. Some brands of air conditioning vents have blades that break and fall apart. You will need the following information for replacing the ducted air conditioning vents in your home.

Over the years the air conditioning vents have changed in size. You may not get the same size as your old ones so the two important measurements you need are

  1. The hole size that your existing air conditioning vent fits in too
  2. The diameter of flexible ducting that fits on to the back of your ducted air conditioning vent.

To give you an idea flexible ducting steps up in 50mm increments from 150 diameter right up to 500 diameter fitting on to your air conditioning vents. Typically for ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems the vent sizes are 200,250,300 mm. For ducted evaporative air conditioning systems  sizes range from 300mm diameter up to 450mm diameter.

There are many different manufactures of the ducted air conditioning Perth vents and the sizes varies from each manufacturer. So I would  suggest when changing the ducted air conditioning vents change the adaptor also to make the job easier. As you will find it hard to separate the vent from the plastic adaptor as they are a tight clip together product.

Sizes of Ducted air conditioning Perth vents

For ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems the vent size is around 300 square neck with a 340 square face most of the different vents have a biscuit type style this is good for changing the direction of the air flow. As an example if the vent is near curtains and the air rattles the Curtin you can change direction of the air flow.

For ducted evaporative air conditioning systems you have 3 common sizes  300 square neck, 360 square neck,360 x 560 rectangular neck

So if you are looking at Ducted Air Conditioning Perth Vents come into the factory. We offer discounts if replacing all the air conditioning vents  in your home 5 or more a discount is offered.


  1. Mike

    Pls help
    Looking for replacement louvred biscuit
    140×140 & 174×175

  2. gmtair

    we can supply the whole vent call me for more details

  3. Ros

    Hi we want to replace our air con vents.

    We need 7

    Diameter of flexible ducting is 400mm

    The hole size that existing air conditioning vent fits in to is 383mm square.

    Please let us know if you are able to supply and we can pick up from your factory.

    Many thanks
    Ros Green

  4. Kristine

    Hi we need to replace 6×420 and 3×340 vents for ducted Evap system. Not sure if I measured as you required. Could you please let me know roughly the cost.

  5. William Smith

    Hi, thank you for providing the information about ducted air conditioning perth vents. I was also looking out for replacing the perth vents at my home. So, surely I will contact you.

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