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Evaporative Air conditioning systems are well suited to Perth’s hot dry climate.evaporative-air-conditioning perth.jpg A basic description of a ducted evaporative air conditioning cooling system. An evaporative cooler mounted on a metal or plastic dropper. The dropper is  mounted in a central position within your home. The dropper has 3 or 4 larger diameter holes at the base. Flexible ducting is then connected to the base of the dropper. Which then  distributes air through out your home entering each room through air conditioning vents.

Brands of Evaporative air conditioning

There are lots of different brands of evaporative coolers on the market today. The Seeley international brand would be the largest brand in Australia. They manufacture 3 different brands the Coolair Braemar and Breezair. The other large Australian manufacturer is  Bonaire they also manufacture the Celair brand. The last major brand is Brivis all these brands have been well established in the Australian market place. The brands are considered to be very reliable and have stood the test of time. We are now starting to see cheaper overseas brands enter the market. When deciding on a brand make sure you have done your homework as to the quality of the product.

Advantages of Evaporative Air conditioning Perth

Evaporative air conditioning Perth plastic dropperWhen the nights are cool you can draw fresh cool into your home from the cool outside air. Evaporative air conditioning systems move large quantities of fresh cool air through out your home. This forces stale air out of open doors and windows. The Running costs of an evaporative air conditioning are far cheaper than reverse cycle air conditioning.The hotter and dryer the climate the better performance you can expect. Evaporative air conditioning systems Perform well in an open living environment. Great for families that have kids running in and out of the house as there is no need to keep closing the doors.

The cost of Electricity is rising on a regular basis. Evaporative air conditioning Perth is far cheaper to run than ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems. The initial cost of installing a ducted evaporative cooling system is half the price of a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system .

Disadvantages of Evaporative air conditioning

The weather pattern is constantly changing in Perth. We are now experiencing more humid days. This is by far the biggest disadvantage because it makes your home very uncomfortable. When the home has large tiled areas it can make your floor slippery. Another point is the best temperature drop you will get from an evaporative air conditioning system will be 10 – 12 degrees from outside temperature to inside The Evaporative air conditioning Perth system does not offer a form of heating.

If you are looking for a ducted air conditioning Perth special on evaporative coolers contact us. We have some great specials to clear. We can offer a kit supplied as a diy option were you can save yourself hundreds of dollars. By selecting the diy option you can have the comfort of a professionally designed system with friendly advice on how to save your self time and money.

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