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Flexible Ducting has many different uses like Air conditioning,Gas Heating,Air Transfer,Toilet exhaust,skylight ducting just to name a few. It is used in both domestic applications and commercial applications and is manufactured out of lots of different materials to meet different standards. Flexible ducting is an integral part of any ducted air conditioning system which can effect running costs if the correct product is not used . Gmtair manufactures a high quality grade of flexible ducting that passes all the relevant standards

There are many different qualities of flexible ducting available on the market today. Gmtair manufactures one of the highest quality products available on the Perth market today. We stock a large quantity of 3m  and 6m lengths of flexible ducting which is suitable for ducted evaporative cooling systems and for ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems. The flexible ducting we manufacture  is a lot thicker than other products on the Perth market, we have been involved in the production of  quality flexible ducting for over 30 year so we know what it takes to get it right and the process we now use limits the risk of failure. We use quality Australian insulation manufactured locally with a well established company so we have not cut corners when it comes to the quality of the final product.

Flexible ducting can be made out of different materials and also made in different diameter for different applications a few examples are as follow  150Dia Plain ducting is use in toilet exhaust for both domestic and commercial applications and is made out of a double layer of polyester Mylar with one layer being a metallised Mylar. Skylight flexible ducting can range from 300 diameter up to 1.2m diameter and is made out of a metallise polyester to help with reflecting the light. The most common use for flexible ducting is for ducted air conditioning with sizes ranging from 150 diameter for ducted gas heating all the way up to up to 550 diameter which is used for Ducted evaporative cooling. and ducted reverse cycle is in the middle.

At Gmtair in bayswater we manufacture our own flexible ducting with a pre glued flexible ducting machine. The flexible ducting we produce is a thicker quality ducting because of the process we use. Our product is now getting requested in a lot of commercial applications because of its quality. Pictured to the right  is our premium aluminium flexible ducting which is used in commercial applications and ducted gas heating. The price will vary depending on the materials the product is manufactured from and the quantity that is purchased.

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