Metal Air Diffusion

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Metal Air Diffusion

Metal Air DiffusionMetal air diffusion is mainly used in  commercial applications like shopping centres and high rise buildings for many different applications a few examples would be ventilation grilles, door grilles, bar grilles linear diffuser and the list goes on. There are however  some products that are used in domestic ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems like return air grilles and linear slot air diffusers.  Metal air diffusion generally costs more to buy as materials are more expensive than the plastic. There is a large variety of metal air diffusion products that are quite standard listed below are the most common products that are readily available.

Wall register gmtairWe can arrange to get any type of grille manufactured within a reasonable lead time depending on quantity. If it is a special product you take on a regular basis we would consider adding it as a stock line. We carry a wide range of stock and have local suppliers with back up product also, so we can easily cater for large projects and supply product when needed.



Listed below are some of the types of air diffusion we sell.

  • Circular Diffuser for refrigerated systemsdoor grille gmtair
  • Aluminium diffusers lay in and bevel edge
  • Double deflection wall registers
  • Door relief grilles
  • Return air grilles
  • linear slot diffusers
  • Egg crate grilles
  • Aluminium Louvres

For large commercial jobs contact us for special pricing on both air diffusion and flexible ducting. The quality of our metal diffusion and Flexible ducting would be one of the best available to the Perth market.

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