Plastic Air Diffusion

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Plastic air diffusion is mainly used for domestic applications like ducted Reverse cycle heating and cooling systems, ducted gas Heating systems and Ducted evaporative cooling systems, ventilation applications and air transfer kits. Generally they are modern looking and are a cost effective solution.


plastic vent gmtairSome examples of applications for plastic air diffusion is Ducted evaporative air conditioning systems which uses 3 main sizes of plastic ceiling diffusers  to suit a 300 diameter flexible ducting right up to 500 diameter the 2 smaller grilles are a 4 way blow pattern and the the large grille is a six way pattern. With all grilles they have plastic removable cores that can be adjusted in different direction to direct the plastic vent gmtairairflow to where it is needed. The removable cores  can also be removed for easy cleaning and can be put  in the closed position to stop heat from escaping during winter. All the grilles come standard with plastic racket clip to ensure proper fitting to the ceiling, they also come with separate adapter to connect flexible ducting to grille and  make installation easier.


Circular diffusersThe smaller plastic diffuser which is around 300 mm square is used for the domestic ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system. The plastic air diffuser like the other 2 sizes has removable biscuit and can blow in a 4 way pattern.


There is also a range of plastic circular diffuser once again used for the ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system were they want the look to be a little different rather than having square vents there is also a plastic vent know as a plastic down jet diffuser which is used for ducted gas heating

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