Air Diffusion

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What Type of Air Diffusion?

Air Diffusion Is an important part of any ducted air conditioning system depending on the application and specifications different materials are used  like plastic, aluminium and steel. The budget on the job will also impact on your decision as plastic vents are generally cheaper than metal. Metal air diffusion is generally used for commercial applications were they have to meet a specific design criteria or performance criteria.

Return Air Grilles

Return air grilles draw air from within the home or conditioned area, passes through a filtering process before entering the unit to be heated or cooled to the desired temperature. You could have multiple returns depending on the way the system is designed. Return air grilles are mainly constructed from lightweight aluminium, with a powder coated white finish, these can be located in a ceiling, door, and wall or in joinery. For floor mounted types, these are made from heavy duty pressed metal sections to withstand traffic.The most common and popular type is the ceiling “egg-crate” design offering a free area of approximately 90%. They come in many different sizes and should be correctly designed and sized to suit the airflow volume of the system.

Plastic Air Diffusion

Egg crate grille from gmtairPlastic air diffusion is mainly used for domestic applications like ducted Reverse cycle heating and cooling systems, ducted gas Heating systems and Ducted evaporative cooling systems, ventilation applications and air transfer kits. Generally they are modern looking and are a cost effective solution.
For large commercial jobs contact us for special pricing on both air diffusion and flexible ducting. The quality of our metal diffusion and Flexible ducting would be one of the best available to the Perth market.
We carry a large range of both metal and plastic air diffusion to suit all applications if we do not have in stock or it is a special order we can offer quick turn around times not your usual 6-12 weeks quote by other suppliers.

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