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With more options, quality brands and unbiased advice based on 30+ years experience, GMTair can help you find the right Ducted, Split System or Evaporative Air Conditioning Solution for your Perth home or business.


Michael Ripley

I have had several homes and rental properties. I have managed builds and renovations. Gmtair provide a competitively priced and efficiently run service. Gerard is very quickly able to ascertain what is needed to cool or heat a building.

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Welcome to GMTair

When it comes to choosing the right air conditioning system the information can seem overwhelming. It is so important to make the right choice in size and system so you get efficient cooling and heating for your space.

That's where we come in. Gerard Toland is an air conditioning specialist and has been helping West Australians find the right air conditioning solution for over 20 years. Gerard understands the unique demands of the Perth climate, in particular, the summer heat wave conditions that can occur.

We can guide you with supply and installation of a system that will produce the best result for you. Draw on our knowledge and experience as one of Perth's most consistent wholesale air conditioning suppliers and ducting manufacturers.

Why Gmtair is Your Preferred Air Conditioning Contractor

20+ Years Experience

We have experience in the Perth Air Conditioning Industry for over 20 years.

Wholesale Suppliers

As a wholesale supplier you know you will be getting very competitive prices for your system.

Local Quality Components

We are one of the few suppliers who manufacture their own components for quality, custom solutions.

Residential Air Conditioning


If you are looking to cool or heat a room, or looking for a complete central air conditioning solution, we have you covered.

Commercial Air Conditioning


With experience installing large commercial systems in the Perth city, we are confident there is no job too large that we can't do.

Love Where You Live.

There's many ingredients to make a house into a home.
One of them is comfort.


Only the Best Air Conditioning Units

In our experience, we have learned to identify what makes a quality air conditioning unit that will reliably work in Perth. We consider not only the efficiency and performance of a unit but also the long-term durability when recommending a system.

We know the brands and models that have proved most reliable over the years. The priceless knowledge we use to help you find the ultimate solution.

Types of Air Conditioning Systems

Panasonic Duced Air Conditioning SystemDucted Reverse cycle air conditioning systems are one of the most efficient forms of heating your Perth home and a very effective way of cooling your home.

Bremer Evaporative Air Conditioner

A Ducted Evaporative Air Conditioning System is the cheapest form of ducted air conditioning for cooling your Perth home and is cost-effective to run.

mitsubishi split system air conditioner

Gmtair also stocks and sells leading brands of wall splits. We are able to advise on the best solution for your home. This includes advising correct size split system for your room area and the best models on the market. We also sell all the accessories like pipe covers, wall brackets, and plastic feet. Delivery of all products can be arranged if required for a cost.

air conditioning ducting

Diy air conditioning kits are a great way to save money by setting up the system yourself. This can potentially save up to $1000 in installation costs on your total air conditioning system price depending on the size of your home.

We can supply a fully designed ducted air conditioning system. This includes the air conditioning machine and all the components.

Because at Gmtair we believe in the quality of systems we supply. We can supply all of the major brands for both ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems to ducted evaporative air conditioning systems at competitive prices.


Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted Air Conditioning allows for heating in winter as well as cooling in summer for the whole house.


Split System Air Conditioning

Split System air conditioning allows for heating in winter as well as cooling in summer for a single room.


Evaporative Air Conditioning

Evaporative Air Conditioning is an effiecient, cost effective way to cool your entire home in summer.

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Air Conditioning Wholesale Supplies

Ducted Air Conditioning Units

A very important part of any air conditioning Perth system. Ensure you choose a reliable brand because in the long run they will save you money. Choose an inverter system as this will help with energy costs.

Steel Motorised Dampers

A quality motorised damper is a must in any ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system for reliability. Gmtair uses a quality steel motorised damper.

Sheet Metal Products

We build quality sheet metal components which can be custom built for ducted air conditioning systems. They assist with the installation of the system and wont break down when exposed to ultra violet rays.

Flexible Ducting

Quality flexible ducting is what most people forget about. This is the heart of any  ducted air conditioning system. If poor quality insulation is used it will cost you in energy costs. Ensure the ducting you buy conforms to the latest standards.

Air Conditioning Vents

Quality air conditioning vents are an important part of any system. They direct air flow throughout the house and can have a modern sleek appearance.