Air conditioning installation Perth

air conditioning perth condensorAir conditioning installation Perth is a very important part of any air conditioning Perth system installed as it can affect the following parts of your system.

  • Performance depending on the type on system lack of knowledge on the product can affect the performance of the product. As an example on a wall split if the wrong positioning of condenser has taken place the condenser could be sucking in its own warm air. It is very important to have condenser installed in well ventilated area with minimal clearances. It is also to have it lift of the ground to keep the condenser free from sand and rubbish to maintain the life of the condenser
  • Sizing is a very important part of air conditioning design once again knowledge of the product and the performance is very important make sure you buy from an air conditioning company as they design and supply air conditioning systems to suit the application. A good ducted air conditioning company will offer may offer different brands as each air conditioning system and brand will have a slightly different feature that may suit your application better.
  • Location is a very important part of your air conditioning system. As an example on a ducted air conditioning system vent location is very important depending on the type. Ducted evaporative air conditioning Perth systems have the plastic air diffusion vent location in the opposite position to reverse cycle air conditioning systems. A well experience air conditioning company would make you aware of this point.

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