Air Conditioning Perth Toshiba Special

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Air conditioning Perth Toshiba Special

toshiba air conditioning perth gmtairSummer Is coming to and end and we have an incredible special price on on a Toshiba Ducted air conditioning system we can supply it as a diy kit so you can save money on the basic installation side by installing all the vents and flexible ducting and mounting the fan coil unit your self. You can then get in the qualified trades to do the specialist work you cant. There is no guess work, we will do the design for you and tell you the size of machine required tailored for your home. To suit your style of living, we also provide a ducting design with all the correct size flexible ducting and motorised dampers to ensure your system is zoned correctly and performs when needed.

Made in JapanWe can also offer a complete supply , design and  installed system through our network of well skilled contractors that we know use only quality products that are manufactured in our Bayswater factory . One of the products we manufacture is a high quality flexible ducting which we supply in all our systems. The materials we use in the production process are up to 1/3 than most of the other manufacturers products in western Australia

Ducted air conditioning Perth Toshiba Special has many advantages compared with otherFan coil systems on the market. One example would be the system has the fan coil concealed in the roof unit unlike a wall split system that has an indoor mounted Head in the room that it is heating or cooling. The ducted air conditioning system can also heat or cool more than one room at a time. The Toshiba system is still manufactured in Japan which is a reflection on the products quality. The system comes standard with a 5 year warranty  and uses the inverter technology along with the recognized  R410A non ozone depleting refrigerant.

Air conditioning Perth Toshiba Special

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