Servicing Perth Air Conditioning units

Servicing Perth Air conditioning units is good way to maintain the life of your ducted air conditioning system. The first part of the process is by buying a quality system from a reputable Perth air conditioning specialist. There are lots around the Perth suburbs. Make sure you do a Google search and see if the company has a good reputation and offers value for money. Some of the advantages of buying from a Air Conditioning specialist

  • Sell only Quality brands that they have a long term relationship with, in the long run less problems for you because if they were having ongoing problems with a brand they would make sure the problems gets fixed or they would not sell it.
  • They would size the unit correctly and know the condition’s were the unit is getting installed, potentially spotting a problem up front and then recommending a solution to the problem.
  • A well skilled Air conditioning specialist should be there when you need them as you are not just another number you are a valued customer that they rely on for repeat business if they have done their job properly.

Lets assume you have bought a quality system sized correctly for your application and the unit has been in and going for about 3 months and working very well. Now is the time to think about servicing the air conditioning unit, no doubt when you purchased the unit your commissioning guy should have shown you the filter i the air conditioning system and mentioned that is had to be cleaned.

The Main Reasons for Servicing Perth Air  conditioning units are as follows

  • Keep systems clean from dust that may affect and damage parts of your air conditioning system
  • keep your system free of allergen’s and bacteria which can be recycled through the air conditioning system
  • Maintain the air flow that the system is design to can work as efficiently as possible.
  • Each machine will perform differently depending on the conditions in your home and the location. This is something you need to be aware of for example if you are doing renovations and lots of dust is the area the filter will need to be cleaned more regularly . I normally say to my customers check every 3 – 6 months you will now after the first few times.
  • All the above points relate to your indoor part of your air conditioning unit for a wall split it is inside the plastic head a cover will lift up and the small filter will slide out . For a ducted reverse cycle system you will have what we call a return air grill and filter this is generally located in a passage way open up the return air grille and slide out the filter
  • Cleaning the Filter you can either use a vacuum cleaner or take outside and hose down with a light spray wait till dry and then place back in the unit. (Do not use your air conditioning system without replacing the filter)
  • The outdoor unit needs very little servicing providing the condenser is not clogged with dust, it will be only in dirty environments were a major service is required. Just make sure all leaves and sand is cleared if near the condenser

The above Servicing Perth Air conditioning units can be carried out by a well skilled handy man by all means if you are unsure get a qualified serviceman into do the job.

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