Benefits Of The Evaporative Air Conditioner

An increasing number of homeowners in Australia are opting for evaporative air conditioners. The reason being that such air conditioners, apart from being environment-friendly, cost less to install, and consume significantly low power. Let us take an in-depth look at how such gadgets work as their benefits.

How does it work?

These units work by circulating water through a saturated cooling “pad” (aka the filter media) while drawing air across its surface. The heated air absorbs moisture from the pad, reducing the temperature of the air discharged from the unit.

Benefits Of Evaporative Air Conditioner

Lower capital costs and installation costs

The lower capital costs of these units are their primary benefits. For a small home, prices would start off at $2100.00. A licensed air conditioner technician will charge roughly from $1500 to $2,000 for installing such ACs. In stark contrast, expect to pay anything from $6,000 to $18,000 for a ducted split air conditioner. You can contact GMTair for assistance and more info.

Low energy bills

The evaporative ACs consumes far less power than both windows ACs and split ACs. This translates into savings in the long term in the form of reduced energy bills. In fact, one can easily recover the cost of the device in a couple of years. Because these systems only require energy to power their fans and pumps, you can easily expect a reduction of 50% in energy bills. Traditional ACs are power guzzlers as they require lots of energy to power their different parts like compressors, pumps, and air blowers.

Ecologically friendly

On the one hand, traditional air conditioners, apart from dehydrating the air use a lot more energy. On the other hand, the evaporative models work on the principle of cooling the air by water. This ensures that the air released by it is environment-friendly. This also makes sure that it does not dry the air inside your room. Dry air causes irritation to the throat and eyes. You can, in fact, keep the windows and doors of your room open while using the evaporative ACs without worrying about losing air flow.

Easy to maintain

The evaporative air conditioner is simple in design, Easily maintained as it contains only two serviceable parts: the fan motor and the water pump. Yearly servicing and cleaning are needed for the unit to operate correctly. In fact, if you are technically inclined, you can carry out the maintenance by yourself after watching the “do it yourself” videos,” available online.

Quiet operation

Traditional ACs, especially the windows mounted models, make a lot of noise while running. The ducted evaporative air conditioner has limited noise when operated on low speed.

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