Which Ducted Air Conditioner Brand Is Best

Centrally controlled through a thermostat, ducted air conditioners provide you with the advantage that they cool the entirety of your property. Here are details of some of them, which will help you determine which best ducted air conditioner brand is best for your home.

Best Ducted Air Conditioner Brand

Samsung: This reverse cycle model allows you to heat or cool each of the rooms of your home. Boasting of an operating range of -20ºC to 24ºC for heating and -15ºC to 50ºC for cooling It ships with a five years warranty.

Actron Connect: The leaders in wireless technology for ducted ACs, their models allow you to control the temperature of your home remotely. Their model boasts of controls like timer settings, zone control, and mode activation of heating, cooling, and fan only. They offer a 5 years warranty.

Daikin: Boasts of advanced technology, focussed on bringing climate control to places where people meet, work, live, and relax. It is the only brand authorised to display the Asthma Council Sensitive Choice butterfly symbol. The unit includes a warranty of 5 years.

Panasonic General: Suitable for commercial and residential properties, this intelligent inverter AC continuously adjusts the rotation speed of the compressor to reduce power consumption. It can cool rooms 1.5 times faster than conventional ACs. Boasts of five years labour and parts warranty.

Mitsubishi Electric: Emitting only 19 decibels noise, this super quiet AC cools and heats your home faster without inflating your energy bills. In fact, it slashes power consumption by up to 46%. Its special filter removes airborne bacteria, ensuring that you receive a constant supply of fresh air. Costs include a warranty of five years.

Fujitsu General: Designed for efficient and super quiet operation, their model includes up to a staggering 33 features. It is the perfect choice for individuals looking for an inverter AC to cool small rooms, large houses, and offices. They offer five years parts and labour warranty.

Advantage Air: One of the few companies that offer personalised air management. They offer two different types of controllers (zone and all in one). Unlike other models that permit cooling or heating of a maximum six zones, this beauty offers heating and cooling of 10 zones and above. They also offer 5-10 years warranty on electronic controls and mechanical components.

LG: Designed for providing maximum comfort without inflating your power bills. They offer a wide range of models, to suit all types of budgets. Easy to install, they offer different models for residential or commercial use. Includes industry standard 5-years warranty.

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Everything boils down to individual preference when it comes to choosing a ducted air conditioning system that’s right for you. If you are thinking about getting ducted air conditioning installed into your home please contact GMTair for a brilliant discussion.

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