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Actron Air Ducted Air Conditioning systems are designed and made for the harsh Australia conditions. Gmtair has been selling Actron air ducted air conditioning systems for years. We have found their systems to be very reliable and they also have some very unique features for particular applications. They are regularly bringing out new models and improving efficiencies. Therefore it make the brand a fantastic option for ducted air conditioning systems.Actron Air ducted air conditioning Perth

Actron Air Ducted Air Conditioning Classic Series

The Actron air classic ducted series is there entry level system for ducted air conditioning. It is a fixed speed model which is very different from you standard inverter. Therefore this type of system is constantly running until it reaches the set temperature point. Then the system will turn off It will only turn back on when it needs to bring the temperature back to the set point. The fixed speed model is available from 9kw right up to a massive 25kw and has a good range of models in between. The classic series has a lower up front cost than traditional inverters.

Slim line Actron air ducted air conditioning systems

Actron Air Ducted Air Conditioning Perth slim lineActron air has just recently reduced a slim line ducted air conditioning inverter. This range of ducted inverters are great for modern homes. Commercial buildings and modern constructions. Because this unit is well suit to the tight roof spaces. We are experiencing in some new building projects. Therefore the systems are well suited to a lot of two storey home were there is limited space between floors. The fan coil height is under 250mm which is slim line compared with the standard unit coming in around 400 mm in height. Size ranges from 7kw up to 14kw

Esp Plus Actron air ducted air conditioning system

actron air perth gmtairThe Actron air esp plus system would have to be one of my favorite models. The reason being no other brand of air conditioning system  on the market has the ability to turn the running of the machine down to 20% capacity or run one outlet only. The Esp Plus has variable fan speed technology built in. Therefore this enables the machine to reduce the amount of air the indoor unit produces as required. These feature would help with energy savings. The Esp Plus model also has the ability to connect a wifi module to the system which enables control with your smart phone or tablet. Like all Actron air ducted air conditioning systems the outdoor condenser is a top discharge. Therefore this enables the warm air to be discharge out the top of condenser into atmosphere.

Esp Platinum Actron air ducted air conditioning system

Actron air esp platinum is the top of the range Actron air ducted air conditioning system. With all the standard Esp plus feature including variable fan speed technology. The platinum system has some smart built in features

  • Pre heating or delaying the coil so you don’t have cold air blowing in your home during winter. Like most other air conditioning brands.
  • Auto restart after a power cut. Therefore no need for reprogramming.
  • True inverter compressor (more energy efficient)
  • Ability to control different temperature in different rooms

Que Controller Actron air ducted air conditioning systemsActron Air Perth Que Contoller

The esp Platinum can have a controller upgrade added on to it called the Que controller. This control system is state of the art and has a unique stylish key pad. This control system has wireless technology built in as standard which eliminates the need for running cables to sensors and wall controllers. In addition extra temperature sensors and extra zone controllers can be added to the Que controller. So if you are considering an Actron air ducted air conditioning system. Call in the factory for a chat and we can discuss the differences. In the Actron Air ducted air conditioning range .

We use Quality components in all Actron air ducted air conditioning systems.

Gmtair supplies quality air conditioning components with all of our Actron air ducted air conditioning system. We supply quality Australian made insulated flexible ducting made right here in our factory in Embelton.In addition with all our high end systems we are offering Aluminium bar grilles at heavily reduced prices make sure you mention this page to get the discount.

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