Daikin Air Conditioning Perth

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Daikin Air Conditioning is a fantastic way to cool and heat your home. Daikin is a world leader and expert in the design and manufacture of reverse cycle air conditioning systems. In fact they are the only company in the world to manufacture both air conditioning systems and refrigerants gases. This enables Daikin to manufacture and supply air conditioning units that are world class. Daikin make energy efficient machines and are world leaders in performance and reliability.

Daikin has a ducted air conditioning system in their product range that will suit almost every application. In addition their systems come with a 5 year parts and labour warranty.


The Daikin ducted unit consists of a indoor unit and outdoor unit. The indoor unit circulates the warm and cold air throughout your home through insulated flexible ducting. Air conditioning vents are located in each room they will direct the air were it is needed. Reverse cycle air conditioning systems are designed into areas call zones.

Zone Controllers

These days there are many different types of zone controllers. The zone controller will have different price points with many different looks. Because the more advanced the controller the more it will cost. Therefore as an example the ability to control your ducted air conditioning system with a smart phone could cost up to an extra $500.00over a traditional led zone controller.

Where to buy your Daikin system and what to look out for

Daikin Ducted Air Conditioning PerthNo matter were you buy your system ensure it is a reputable air conditioning company. The industry is well know for fly by night air conditioning companies so do your home work. Google is a great tool to help you be informed. Therefore here are some sample questions to ask if they hesitate dig deeper

  • What is there online reputation like.
  • How long have they been trading.
  • Have they changed there name lately
  • Do they offer you a choice of brands

The most important question I would ask is where is the flexible ducting made? The reason for this we are starting to see a lot of low quality products enter from overseas. Some of the products are of very poor quality. At Gmtair we manufacture our very own flexible ducting using Australian made materials and more importantly quality  Australian made insulation.

5 reasons A Lot of Mining Camps and Councils insist on Daikin Air conditioning systems

  1. The most important reason is reliability. Because of western Australians harsh up north weather conditions regularly over 40 degrees it is important to have a reliable machine. For mining Daikin Air conditioners are the go to brand.
  2. Backup service is first class. As an example I sold several units in Karratha one machine had a problem. A warranty call was put in and a replacement machine was sorted within a week. In my opinion that was outstanding service due the isolated location.
  3. Replacement parts had a good range available and for quiet some time also.
  4. A very large range of models to suit most applications with different power options.
  5. Another important factor the product is very competitively priced in the current market conditions

If you would like more information call by the factory for a chat on your Daikin ducted air conditioning system because you will not be disappointed. We offer a large range of services and products. We supply both wholesale and retail in our diy Perth Air conditioning range.