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Mitsubishi Ducted Air Conditioning systems can heat or cool almost any application. They have a great range of products that will suit many different applications. Mitsubishi Heavy industries have been making quality high quality ducted air conditioning systems for years. Many features stand out from there competitors. Such as FDUA series Mitsubishi ducted air conditioning series all have a built in drain pump. Therefore the inbuilt drain pump can help with installations in very tight ceiling spaces.

Mitsubishi Ducted Air Conditioning – FDUA indoor unit

The size range of the FDUA series starts at 7.1 kW and goes right up to a massive 20 kW machine. This range of ducted air conditioning systems are what we typical use in standard homes that do not require any special features. Because the range has a good volume of airflow within the range. This Mitsubishi ducted air conditioning system is a very  cost effective product. The FDUA series is suitable for Perth homes and offices with ease. Some sizes of the series are available in both 3 phase and single phase.

Mitsubishi Ducted Air Conditioning – FDUM indoor unit

The size range of FDUM series starts at 5 kW  and goes up to 14kw. A mid static unit is used for bulk heads applications or small apartments were reduced air flow is needed. A mid static unit is also generally quieter because of less volume.of air flow. Some sizes of the series are available in both 3 phase and single phase.

Mitsubishi Ducted Air Conditioning – Wall Controllers

mitsubishi ducted air conditioning wall controllerThere is a large range of air conditioning wall controllers to control each ducted air conditioning system. The basic wall controller is pictured to the right. This wall controller will turn your unit on and off and switch between functions. It can also adjust  the temperature setting up or down.

Each Mitsubishi ducted air conditioning system will have a zone controller. The zone controller is placed along side the unit controller on the wall. The zone controller will open and close zones on your ducted air conditioning system as required. Because the number of zones will vary on the size of your home and the size of the ducted air conditioning system required to heat or cool your Perth home.

With most Mitsubishi ducted air conditioning system. Wireless control function can be added as an optional extra. So no matter where you are, you can enjoy the same control of your Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioner as you would from your home remote, using your smart phone, tablet or computer.

Mitsubishi Ducted Air Conditioning  – Best operating practices

Mitsubishi ducted air conditioning unit come with a solid 5 year warranty. When using your Mitsubishi ducted air conditioning system setting the correct temperature is essential for several reasons.

  • Setting a temperature to very low setting  during summer will cost you a fortune in running costs it will also make the machine work harder than it should. We recommend a summer running temperature of some where between 24 – 26 degrees. The higher the temperature the less you pay in running costs.
  • When using  any ducted air conditioning system it is best to maintain a constant temperature within the area over a long period of time. As an example if it is going to be a hot day turn your air conditioner on early in the morning and maintain the temperature within the home. Only turn on the zones within your home that you are in. This will reduce the amount of area your reverse cycle air conditioning system has to cool.

Mitsubishi ducted air conditioning Perth

Mitsubishi Ducted Air Conditioning Prices

When buying a Mitsubishi ducted air conditioning at Gmtair we can sell you a ducted air conditioning system 2 ways. Either way is professionally designed by well experienced industry professionals.

  1. We can supply a tailored designed ducted air conditioning system as a diy air conditioning kit. Because we manufacture a lot of our own air conditioning parts. We can offer very competitive pricing that gives the consumer the ability to save over $1000.00 in installations costs. This would depend on the size of your Mitsubishi ducted air conditioning  system.
  2. Over the years in the industry we have formed good relationships with our customers. We can therefore offer complete installation of ducted air conditioning systems through quality trades men using our high quality Australian made products. Some of these products would include our very owned insulated flexible ducting.

Call by the factory for a chat re your air conditioning needs. At Gmtair we will listen to your needs and recommend the system that will suit your needs the best. Regularly we have some great specials running and from time to time we have great pricing on specific units. We also supply air conditioning parts should you want just to add an extra outlet.