Panasonic Air Conditioning

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Panasonic Air conditioning is one of Australia’s most know and reliable brands. If your are looking for air conditioning in your Perth home Panasonic air conditioners would be a fantastic choice. For the last 4 year the Panasonic air conditioning system have been high in the consumer ratings. Beating well known brands like Daikin ducted air conditioning system and daikin wall splits. The Panasonic air conditioning Perth systems offers a solid 5 year warranty and offers great specials at different times through out the year.

Wall Split – Panasonic Air Conditioning

The Panasonic air conditioning wall split is the perfect solution for heating or cooling a single bedroom or living area. When selecting the Panasonic air conditioning system. I would highly recommend buying the wall split from a member of the specialist network. Gmtair ducted air specialist has been selling Panasonic for 10 years. I personal have one in my own office and hasn’t missed a beat in over 7 years. We have Panasonic wall splits starting from $800.00 less the current cash back promotion of an Eftpos card value $100.00. So a fantastic end price after cash back of $700.00. The Panasonic wall split range goes up to 8 kW. The current model uses the energy efficient R32 gas. Call now on 9271 8643 before the special ends.

Panasonic Air Conditioning – Multi Head Air conditioners

Panasonic air conditioning multi headPanasonic air conditioning multi head air conditioning systems. Are the perfect solution when  you have to air condition multiply rooms off the one out door unit commonly know as the condenser. When you don’t have enough room for running flexible ducting and using a Panasonic ducted air conditioning system. So the Panasonic multi head air conditioning system is similar to a Panasonic wall split system. But instead of having one indoor unit it has many and can be different types. The multi head air conditioning system is perfect for apartment building and older home with no roof space.

Panasonic Air Conditioning – Ducted Air Conditioning

ducted-air-conditioning-perth-diyThe Panasonic air conditioning ducted air conditioning system starts off at a 6.0kw machine this will heat and cool a small unit or a very large master bedroom. The Panasonic ducted air conditioning range goes right up to a massive 22kw. This size machine will heat or cool a very large home or commercial office building. When installing a Panasonic ducted air conditioner it is very important to use quality air conditioning components. At Gmtair ducted air specialist this is what we do. We supply quality ducted air conditioning systems. We also sell and supply all well know reliable brands with our quality components. A few examples would be Mitsubishi Ducted air conditioning  and the Daikin ducted air conditioning Perth systems quality reliable product. Another example would be the Actron Air ducted air conditioning system.

Gmtair is Different – Supplying Panasonic Air Conditioning

Gmtair is different because we manufacture a lot of the air conditioning components used in all our systems Therefore we know the quality and reliability of products used within our air conditioning systems. Such as our quality Australian made flexible ducting which is made in our factory in Embleton. The flexible ducting would be one of the quality products on the market. We use quality Australian made insulation. For the products we don’t manufacture we do quality checks and we only use proven reliable products in all of our tailored designed ducted air conditioning systems.


Panasonic Air Conditioning – Fully Installed

Gmtair can supply and install all Panasonic air conditioning systems. From a small Panasonic wall split for a small bedroom. Or you could have a large living area which may require up to 8 kW. We have fully installed systems starting from $1300 based on back to back installation depending on time of year installed.

Gmtair ducted air specialist can also supply and install Panasonic ducted air conditioning systems starting off at $7000.00 fully installed. This type of system will heat and cool a small unit or granny flat. The Panasonic ducted air conditioning systems can be installed from start to finish in a day. So send us in a copy of your house plan for an obligation free quote.

Panasonic Air Conditioning – Diy Air Conditioning Supply kits Perth

Panasonic diy air conditioningGmtair Ducted Air specialist is well know for our diy ducted air conditioning Panasonic kits. The Panasonic diy air conditioning kits can be supplied within 48 hours from time payment is made. The Panasonic ducted air conditioning system is tailored design to suit your home. With all our Panasonic diy air conditioning kits we supply quality Australian made flexible ducting. We use good quality steel motorised and reliable wall controller. The motorised dampers will open and close and direct the air conditioned air to the areas needed. We use good quality air conditioning vents within all our systems.

So the process for your Panasonic diy air conditioning. Send us in a copy of your house plan and we will give a quote with in 48 hours. Therefore If you need us to do a site inspection and discuss your needs just call us. Furthermore we will be able to provide a detailed layout that you can follow if you go ahead with  a purchase of a Panasonic diy air conditioning system.

You can rest assure we have over 34 years experience in the Air conditioning Perth market. Because we aim to please  and supply a quality air conditioning system to meet your expectations. So Call us now before the warm weather start and ask us for a deal.