How Much Does Ducted Air Conditioning Cost?

Ducted Air Conditioning Cost in Perth

Ducted air conditioning is the best cooling and heating system for the house. The ducted cooling system has an efficient air distribution around the house compared to other systems. However, this fantastic cooling system comes at a cost. So how much does ducted air conditioning cost?

This article looks at the costs of running, installing and purchasing a ducted air conditioning system.

1. Purchasing Costs

The purchasing of ducted air conditioning depends on various variables such as the brand, energy rating and the size and layout of your house. The ducted air conditioning systems are zoned such that tuning of different rooms to different temperatures is possible. Consequently the more zones available, the more you have to pay.

A full duct system for a small home could be $10,000 and $20,000 for a big house. Moreover, the size of the system will influence the exact amount of money that you will have to pay. Other factors include the level of insulation, number of residents in a household as well as the temperature zones. Additionally, it’s essential to make an informed decision after consulting your supplier for a quote.

2. Installation costs

The installation of ducted is costly. The installation costs for ducted cooling systems are more than that of a split system. For a small system installation in small buildings, the price is around $5000. Additionally, the costs for a three bedroomed house would cost you about $6000 to $10000.

The costs of a large house would even cost more than $11000 for installation. Besides energy efficiency, property size and the type of ducted cooling system also significantly affect the costs of installing the cooling system.

ducted air conditioning cost

3. Running costs

It’s important to note that running ducted air conditioning is not cheap. The high electricity prices do not make it easier either. Ducted air conditioners consume numerous chunk of power depending on their frequent usage. During the summer you can pay around $6500 per day when using this cooling system.

Moreover, running costs are also significantly affected by the type of the system, house layout, temperature used for running the house and electricity tariff. Consequently, in reducing the running costs, you are advised to ensure regular service and maintenance for your duct system.


The duct air conditioning has considerable advantages compared to other cooling systems. However, you should consider the costs of its buying, installing and running it. Whether the expenses meet your budget or not. Visit GMTair, an air-conditioning and manufacturing company in Perth, Australia for your duct air conditioning.

Gerard Toland

Gerard has been involved in the Perth Air Conditioning for over 30 years. He is experienced in both the supply and installation of all types of air conditioning products and components for both commercial and residential buildings. He is well known for being one of the few suppliers who make their own ducting on site in his Perth warehouse. Quality ducting is paramount due to the quality insulation it provides from the harsh Perth heat. It is this dedication to quality which sets him apart from competitors.

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