Ducted Air Conditioning Installation Guide

Ducted Air Conditioning Installation

It typically takes one day to install a ducted air conditioner. Tin sheets and tiles have to be removed for fitting the indoor fan coil if the unit is installed in the roof space. The outdoor unit should be placed in an unobtrusive and ventilated area so that it does not annoy your neighbours. However, this is not necessary with quality brands, as they hardly emit any noise.

Reverse cycle implies it cools and heats

Ducted air conditioners, which work on refrigerated types of air conditioners, are the ultimate in cooling and heating, and allow you to set different temperatures in different areas like bedrooms and lounges, ensuring that you stay comfortable in any area of your office or home. Powered by electricity, these units use refrigerant gas to transfer heat from one zone to the other.

How does it work?

The air inside your house is passed through grills in your floor or roof using a fan and is passed over a fan coil, typically placed in your roof. In cooling mode, the compressor pushes cold air from outside to the fan coil. Heat is removed and transferred outside, when the warm air inside your house blows across the fan coil, allowing cold air to move back into your home via the ducts.

  • Filters the air

The process involves air filtration too. The air is sucked through the return air grill containing an air filter, which requires regular cleaning to ensure that the unit works efficiently. In heating mode, the process is reversed.

  • Dehumidifies

Refrigerated air conditioning also dehumidifies the air, as its fan coil removes moisture from the air blown over the indoor fan coil, deposits it in a tray, from where it is drained.

  • Zoning your home

Zone motors increase the efficiency of running your air conditioning or heating system and also permit you to isolate areas of your home. They are located inside the duct and you can close them if required. You can place the controller of the zone motors besides the thermostat or any other convenient location in your home.

There are several types of zone motor controllers as well. Some of them can be as simple like turning a switch off and on, just like a light switch. Sophisticated system provides you with the option to control the temperature of individual rooms with the help of separate touch pads or a central touchpad. The system you use does not matter as long as you use it correctly to enhance the efficiency of your air conditioner and cut down on power bills.

Electrical requirements

Ensure that your mains and electrical switchboard are accessible to ensure they can handle the load required by your ducted air conditioner. This might not be an issue in new homes, but electrical upgrades might be required for old homes.

You can contact a professional electrician for the job. Make sure that you entrust the task of ducted air conditioning installation to a professional agency that has qualified technicians and years of experience in this field.

Gerard Toland

Gerard has been involved in the Perth Air Conditioning for over 30 years. He is experienced in both the supply and installation of all types of air conditioning products and components for both commercial and residential buildings. He is well known for being one of the few suppliers who make their own ducting on site in his Perth warehouse. Quality ducting is paramount due to the quality insulation it provides from the harsh Perth heat. It is this dedication to quality which sets him apart from competitors.

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