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Ducted air conditioning is a very efficient way to heat and cool your home, unit or office. There are many different types and brands of systems on the market and it can be hard to know where to start. This article is designed to help you purchase the ideal system for your Perth home.

Every system consists of an air conditioning unit. The unit will have sheet metal or plastic ductwork connected to it. This, in turn, will connect to insulated flexible ducting that runs throughout your home. Plastic vents will deliver air to the rooms of your home.

Types of Ducted Air Conditioning

There are a number of air systems.

Heat Air Transfer

Heat air transfer kits are the cheapest form of heating on the market. Heat air transfer kits transfer warm air from an existing heating source. Such as a wood fire or slow combustion heater. They do not necessarily involve an air conditioner.

The warm air is transferred by means of an inline fan. The warm air travels through insulated flexible ducting and is circulated into bedrooms. They work quietly and effectively depending on the heat source that they are drawing from. Pricing on the supply only of heat air transfer kits start at $300.00.

Air transfer kits are readily available and can be designed

Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative air conditioning is a popular choice if you are on a tight budget and looking for to cool your whole of home. The evaporative system can reduce the temperature in your Perth home by 10-12 deg with ideal conditions as it allows fresh cool air to blow through your home.

Another important consideration is that evaporative cooling is a lot cheaper on capital cost than a reverse cycle air conditioning system. It is also a lot cheaper on running costs.

Evaporative cooling lets you leave doors and windows open so it’s great for kids that run in and out of the house leaving the door open. Also with evaporative cooling, you have the option to use the fan only of a night time which is a great option when it is cool outside.

Slim Line Ducted Air Conditioning System

Gas Heating

Gas heating is not a very common option in Perth. Because our winters are very mild and not as extreme as other parts of Australia and the world. The gas heating uses either natural gas or LPG bottled gas for its source of energy instead of electricity. This type of gas heating is not as efficient as a Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning system and does not have a cooling feature. Therefore you can install the gas heating system to compliment the evaporative cooling system.

Reverse Cycle

Reverse cycle air conditioning will heat and cool your Perth home. Because every brand has their own unique features and benefits. You will need to choose the brand to fit in with the features you need and the way you live. A lot of the well-known brands have an inverter range as part of their standard product range. This system has become very popular because of the energy savings.

Be aware there are still some fixed speed units on the market for commercial use and budget-conscious applications. When choosing a brand make sure it is an inverter rather than a fixed speed air conditioner. With this type of ducted air conditioner, you can use zoning to cool or heat individual areas of your home.

Air Conditioning Diagram


There are many air conditioning brands available on the market. Each brand has their own unique features. No matter which type you choose, ensure you choose a quality well-known brand. Depending on your needs some brands would be better suited than others.

As an example, if you had a very large home and you only had single phase power. Most brands only go up to 14kw in a single phase, there are a few exceptions such as:

  • 16kw Daikin standard inverter single phase.
  • Actron Air also has a 19 kW single phase ESP Plus system.

So in summary what you need to consider before choosing any of the above systems are the following points this will also help with budget and type.

Residential Use Case

With the precision of a reverse cycle unit, you are able to set different temperature levels for different areas of the home. For example, you will be able to keep the kids’ bedroom comfortable for their everyday activities while your living areas or wine cellar may be set to a different temperature. If particular members of your family feel the cold more than others, temperatures for each room can be adjusted to suit each person’s comfort levels.

Commercial Use Case

Reverse cycle air conditioning is also suitable for commercial applications in Perth. They allow for precise temperature control in offices and showrooms enabling improved comfort and efficiency within the workspace.

Advantages of Ducted Air Conditioning

  • Noise Free: The noise-producing agents of this kind of system are far away from the air vents; therefore, it is remarkably quiet.
  • Save Wall Space: Ducted systems eliminate the need for unsightly units to be placed on walls around the home. Typically, the ductwork is run in the ceiling or under the floor and as such, the units are out of sight. This enables you to use your wall space however you want.
  • Add Value to the Property: As a superior air conditioning system that is more permanent in nature, ducted units add more property value when the time comes to sell your house.
  • Durable: When regularly serviced, a ducted air conditioning unit can easily go beyond 15 years, while maintaining optimal performance.

Disadvantages of Ducted Air Conditioning

  • Initial Cost: Compared to evaporative systems, reverse cycle systems require more of an initial investment. To help alleviate the challenge of this, Infiniti Air offers easy air conditioning finance to help you enjoy air-conditioned comfort sooner rather than later.
  • Careful Planning is Required: Careful planning and attention are required for this type of system. The location of the registers and grills plays an essential part in efficient and optimal performance. Again, Infiniti Air can help ensure optimal vent placement to maximise the effectiveness of your ducted air conditioning system.

DIY Air Conditioning

Are you a well skilled handyman and looking to save money? If so, then Diy Air conditioning is a fantastic way to save money without compromising the quality of your system.

At Gmtair we do the design work and supply a quality machine tailored design for your home. In all our systems we use quality components.

Setting A Budget – Choosing Your Needs

  • Do I want my system to heat and cool, Cool only, heat only
  • How do I live, do I want the house closed up without windows and doors open?
  • Do I want the house windows doors open?
  • Setting a budget will help rule out a type of system or brand in some cases
  • Installing your system winter time will save you money

If you would like any more information on the best value systems in Perth, call us today.

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