How Does Ducted Air Conditioning Work?

Ducted air conditioners, unlike wall ACs, cool a room quickly and more efficiently. This is thanks to the external condensing unit or compressor hooked up to a fan coil unit inside the house. Ductwork runs throughout a house and gives out cool air through multiple vents or diffuser outlets in each room. These ducted ACs can also be used to generate heat during cold winter months, thanks to the reverse refrigeration cycle.

Primary Setup

The system comprises two main components: an interior ducted system and an external compressor. Central thermostat controls are set up in an easily accessible place in the house, such as the living room wall or kitchen wall. It is used for isolating air in specific rooms and for controlling the AC unit’s temperature and functions.  

Working Mechanism

How does a ducted air conditioner work? To heat your house, the reverse-cycling setup extracts hot air from outside, even during cold winter nights, and pushes them inside the house. A cold liquid, called refrigerant, is passed via an external coil, which absorbs heat from the outside air. The refrigerant is later pumped using a compressor and directed through the chambers into the condenser. The refrigerant warms up as it’s in a compressed state. 

The resulting hot air is then propelled by a fan into your space, thereby warming the area. After this process is complete, the refrigerant moves via an evaporator for cooling before being pumped again into the condenser so that the cycle repeats. Cold air comes through the vents when the process is reversed. 

Though a ducted reverse-cycle AC setup may cost more to buy and use compared to conventional ACs, it offers a lot more benefits. The flexibility to both warm or cool the air provides complete climate control. The distinct zone areas that could be activated in the system, cooling and heating your space becomes extremely simple.

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