How Does Zoning Work?

A reverse cycle ducted air conditioning unit has the capacity to cool your house during the hot months of summer and heat it during the long, cold months of winter. With this system, the primary units are usually installed outside or in the ceiling, depending on your particular property.

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning uses zoning technology via a central unit that cools down the air and the cool air is then distributed through a series of ducts into the different spaces around the home. 

A Basic System Without Zoning

If there is no zoning technology, a central AC unit will cool or heat the whole house in the same way.  As a result, each room will receive the same airflow, no matter the room size or how many individuals are using or not using the space. This does not allow for factoring in the way the sun hits one side of the building and most importantly, the preferred temperature for each person using the home.

How Does Zoning Work?

Zoning essentially allows you to have various volumes of cooled air in different rooms in your home. Additionally, this technology enables you to turn the air off in areas that are not being used.

At one time, your level of climate control was only on or off, usually for the whole house, and this was quite inefficient. There was no option to control air volumes for rooms of different sizes and there was also no way to shut off air in rooms that were not being used. 

With different members of the household coming and going at different times during the day or gathering in rooms together, the more outdated systems meant the air conditioning would be running in unused spaces.

You would not have only one light switch to control the whole house. At Actron Air, they believe the same should be true with air conditioning. Traditional zoning requires a large, continuously open common zone to prevent damage to the ductwork and air pressure build-up. 

Up to 25 percent or more of a home can be occupied by the common zone and you will have to pay for heating or cooling whether or not the area is used. The experts at GMT Air have the skills and expertise to solve these problems.

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