How Much Does Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Cost?

Managing to turn your whole house into well-integrated heating and cooling machine is the key to achieving the comfort that is not easily interrupted by the weather. For you to achieve this, you need to use ducted reverse cycle air conditioning.

Pricing Factors

Before we can answer our main question, let us look at the factors you should consider before buying one;


These ones come in different designs and are usually installed either on the walls or in the ceiling. Therefore, it is upon you to choose the ones that you would prefer.

The Controls

They are usually mounted on the wall after they have been hard-wired. You can have one controller for your whole house but you might need more if you have a large house. So, you need to get one that suits your house well.

The sensors

They are utilised by the controller to ensure that the house stays at the required temperatures. If you want a system that will cover large areas, you might need more than one sensor.

Price Range

You will mostly find the price of buying and installing a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system being around $5000 or less. That is usually the entry-level cost when you want it installed in a small home or an apartment.

For a freestanding house, it is possible for the cost to be higher reaching up to $10,000 and above.

The cost depends on the following significant factors:

  • The size of your home
  • The entire layout of your house.
  • The number of people living in the house.
  • Whether your ceiling has a cavity.
  • If you opt to install the system on some parts of the house only.
  • The material that your home is made of (Weatherboard or brick).
  • The difficulty of the installation.

Where you want it to be installed in a multi-floor or large house, be prepared to pay around $15,000 and above.

Before you reach the buying stage, the installer inspects your house before he/she can tell you how much it will cost you to buy and install the system.

A ducted system is a significant investment. Therefore, always ensure that you look for references from friends and relatives to get recommendations on the best system to buy and where.

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