How to Maintain A Ducted Air Conditioning System

Ducted Air Conditioners need maintenance in order to function well. If your system doesn’t seem to cool or heat like it used to, it may need some maintenance. A regular clean or changing of worn out parts can restore the system to full function and ensure its longevity.


The Air Filter of the air conditioner takes care of the majority of pollutants. Air ducts are also very important and demand cleaning. If you have a ducted Air Conditioner that was idle all winter, or if you wish to install a new Air conditioner, here are some of the important points and related information which will help you take better care of your Air Conditioner.

Advantages of Maintenance

Apart from enhancing the life of the system, maintaining it on a regular basis ensures that the equipment runs as it should and provides chilled air efficiently.

The thermostat, which lies behind the filter, switches off the AC’s compressor when the desired temperature has been reached, and switches on the compressor when the air temperature inside the room rises beyond a set limit. A dirty filter does not permit the air to pass through it and reach the thermostat.

How To Check Your Ducted Air Conditioning Unit

  1. Check the interior of the vent cover: If you see dirt or dust build-up and debris.
  2. Inspect the filter. A dirty filter is clearly visible, this definitely calls for care. Since the dirty filter will blow out polluted air directly onto the vents.
  3. Check the efficiency of the machine. The quantity and quality of air being expelled will be affected if the vents are not clean.
  4. Keep an eye on the dust particles blown out of the ducts, when you first start the air conditioning unit.

How To Clean Your Ducted Air Conditioning System

  1. Safety is priority, turn off the air conditioning unit before starting any cleaning task.
  2. Use the brush of your vacuum cleaner to remove as much as possible of the dirt, dust and other debris which may be obstructing filtered air.
  3. The vents on the ceiling can be cleaned with the help of an extension pole.
  4. Now use a damp cloth and wipe off the mould and dust build up.
  5. If you follow these steps in regular intervals of few months, your ducted air conditioner will be easy to maintain and will last longer.

Air Con Service Specialists

Your ducted AC consists of many parts, which you cannot clean. It is better to hand over the job to a professional. A professional will have the right tools and equipment to perform the job with excellence.

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