Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning system will heat or cool your home with great efficiency. Perth can have harsh, hot summers and mild winters. As a result a quality air conditioning system can significantly contribute to the comfort of your home. It’s no wonder many Perth home builders now offer air conditioning within a lot of new homes .

Major Brands

The major brands for quality reverse cycle air conditioning include Mitsubishi, Daikin, Actron Air and Panasonic ducted air conditioning.  These systems have the quality and efficiency to get through Perths harsh heatwave summer like conditions. Many builders will include these systems in a build and include the price and installation of the system within the cost of the build.

Reverse cycle air PerthHow much does Ducted Heating and Cooling Cost

There are many different factors affect how much you pay for ducted heating and cooling. At GMT Air we sell many different ducted Reverse Cycle Air conditioning systems to suit many different budgets. Below are 5 things that can affect the price you pay for ducted heating and cooling system.

  1. The size of your home is the biggest factor that will affect how much you pay.
  2. The brand of air conditioning system.
  3. The type of system
  4. The time of year you have your system installed.
  5. The level of service you need E.G. fully installed or Diy installation.

I would strongly recommend considering the 5 areas above before talking to an air conditioning company for a ducted air conditioning system. Depending on the time of year you are considering your central air conditioner installation this will affect the price you pay.

We have some fantastic ducted air conditioning Perth prices available at present with all quality brands. So as an example right now we have a fully installed  Panasonic ducted air conditioning system  7.1kw  stating off at $6500.00. There we can even do a cheaper price if you select a DIY option. Call us for more details.

Commercial Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

panasonic reverse cycle air

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning is the preferred choice in hotels, shopping centres, commercial offices and apartment buildings. This is because it is an effective solution for air conditioning to serve both heating and cooling needs.

This is case worldwide and there are many different variations of reverse cycle air conditioning systems. So as an example we have stayed in a 2 bedroom apartment in Phuket. The reverse cycle air conditioning system that used was a mini ducted unit. A mini ducted unit was installed  in each living. So in total 3 mini ducted units were used to ensue adequate air and performance. The system worked very well and no indoor head units were present.

3 main types Units Used in Western Australia

In Australia we use 3 main different types of reverse cycle air conditioning systems.

  1. The  most popular by far and the cheapest would be the wall mounted split system. Fantastic prices on this type of system for a quality brand like a Panasonic wall split would start from about $1350.00 fully installed. This pricing would be based on back to back installation with standard allowance for electrical and refrigeration. A wall split system would be suitable to heat or cool a single room.
  2. The second type of system would be a  Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system. This type of system would the most popular for heating and cooling your whole home. This is done by a fan coil concealed in your roof space with flexible ducting running through out your home. The system is then divide into zones which have motorised dampers that open and close which is the method used  to control the areas of your home you want running at the same time.  The pricing on this type of system generally ranges from $7000.00 for a small home with few zones up to $15000.00 for a very large home with a large machine and a large number of zones.
  3. The last system would be a ceiling cassette which is mainly used in places like restaurants and areas where there is limited ceiling space and you require a large kW capacity to heat and cool the area.

If you would like any more information on reverse cycle air conditioning systems please call us or email us today.

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