Ducted Air Conditioning Units

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Ducted air conditioning units are a very efficient way to heat and cool your home. There are 3 main different types  of ducted air conditioning systems that are installed in the domestic home.

  • Ducted Evaporative air conditioning units are a very cost effective way tocoolair-evaporative-unit cool your home. it is by far one of the cheapest forms. Both to install and also the daily running costs. Like every thing each system has its good points and bad points the ducted evaporative cooling system does not perform very well in high humidity days some users even turn the water off and just use the fan only on such days. On very hot and dry days the Evaporative cooling systems work very well. There are many quality evaporative cooling brands available on the market today. A lot of the systems are Australian made like Coolair,Braemar,Breezair which are units made by Seeley International. A lot of units that are made in china are starting to make there way into Australia as the old saying goes you get what you pay for so just be aware when Purchasing your systems.


  • Ducted Reverse cycle air conditioning units are by the far the most efficient formmitsbishi fan coil of heating on the market today. It is also a very effective form of cooling which is used in a lot of domestic and commercial applications. The running costs of the reverse cycle ducted air conditioning systems have decrease since the introduction of inverter technology. Another important factor is the quality of the brand of reverse cycle air ducted conditioning unit. Some of the brands have unique features that in turn would affect the price you pay for the system, so once again choose the brand that suits your needs best.


  • There are 2 main parts of the Ducted Reverse cycle air conditioning unit. The first part being the fan coil unit  which is pictured above and is hidden  in the ceiling space of your home or the building it is Panasonic condensorheating or cooling. The other main part is a condenser unit. Pictured below which is generally mounted on the ground on the exterior of the building. It is very important to provide a well ventilated area around the system or it will affect its performance. With the introduction of the inverter system many years ago the cost of running a ducted reverse cycle air conditioner has become a lot more affordable. Most manufacturers now offer a minimum of 5 years warranty on their ducted air conditioning units as the quality and reliability has improved on the recognized brands.


  • Ducted Gas Heating units are the final and probably less common systems for thebrivis furnace Perth market, because we have such mild winters and we do not have the extreme long periods of cold weather like in Melbourne or Canberra. With the ducted gas heating systems in some suburbs it is not a practically choice because natural gas is not available in all areas and you would have to convert to lpg which is not as cost effective.



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