Heating Perth Homes

Reverse cycle Heating Perth Homes  is becoming very important. These days as the winters in Perth appear to be getting colder. One of the most efficient forms of heating for you Perth home is ducted reverse cycle air conditioning. The two most common  types of reverse cycle air conditioning used for heating Perth homes are:

Wall Split Reverse cycle air conditioning – Heating Perth Homes

Apart from portable air conditioners a wall split system reverse cycle air conditioning system. Is the cheapest from method to heat and cool a room effectively. There are many wall split system brands available on the market. Pricing of wall split systems start from as little as $400.00. I have even seen food grocery shops selling cheap imported products from over seas. The problem is the consumer don’t know what they is buying. Therefore  they think it will be suitable for heating Perth home. Unfortunately this is not the case. Because the specifications of some of the products are very poor to say the least . I recently come across a system were the maximum pipe run was 3 metres. This pipe run is barely enough for a standard back to back installation. So I would suggest buyer beware when heating Perth homes. Therefore I would recommend buying from a reputable air conditioning specialist. As an indication on price you would pay around $1100.00 fully installed. This would be for a small bedroom using a low end brand.

Heating Perth Homes carrier gmtair

The Wall split range I would recommend for heating Perth homes

Wall split system perthFor a quality reliable brand the price starts at around $1400.00 the range would include quality brands like Mitsubishi heavy industries , Panasonic, Daikin , and Actron air, as the old saying goes you get what you pay for. Most quality machines come with a standard 5 year warranty and use inverter technology these days. A word of warning just make sure when you are comparing prices. You are looking at same model number and same technology. Because a fixed speed split systems is a lot cheaper to buy. But is more expensive in running costs as it does not use inverter technology.

Ducted Reverse Cycle – Heating Perth Homes

A ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system is fast becoming a popular choice for heating Perth homes. When new homes are built now Perth builders are offer it as a standard add on, or including ducted air conditioning as part of the package. To add another $8000.00 to $12000.00 for the average home. On to a mortgage is a very simple task and a lot of Perth consumers are taking that option. Once again like the split system there is a defiant difference in quality and brand of machine in relation to dollars spent. Another consideration with a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system is to make sure you choose the right size system and the right brand depending on your needs and the way you want to use your ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system.

Ducted Reverse Cycle – Heating Perth Homes

The quality of your whole system is important ,using a poor quality flexible ducting or a poor quality motorised damper can affect the performance and reliability of your ducted air conditioning system. In turn make it more expensive to heat your Perth home.

The final thing to ensure you have a good experience on both price and service is do your research, Google is the perfect choice to look for a reputable air conditioning Perth company. Make sure they have a good online reputation and happy shopping if you need any more information send me an email or call me only too happy to help.

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