How To Choose The Right Heat Transfer Kit

Heat exchangers are used for thermal processing of materials like sterilisation, pasteurisation, cooking, and cooling or heating a diverse range of products. It is a good idea to seek professional advice when choosing the appropriate heat transfer kit for a specific situation. However, having a basic knowledge of this equipment will allow you to make a decision on your own.

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Do I really need a heat transfer kit?

Remember, heat exchangers, are extremely expensive and complex. Therefore you might be wondering whether you need this equipment. On the one hand, this kit is ideal for places that already have a heater or air conditioner. On the other hand, you need not purchase this gadget just for heating or cooling your room. It is better to purchase a heater or an air conditioner instead.

Which type of heat transfer kit is suitable for me?

If you want a simple and cost-effective solution, go for the plate heat exchangers that consist of a combination of gaskets via which the cooling or heating media moves. They do a pretty good job with fluids such as thin oils and milk. However, you should purchase a tube-in-tube heat exchanger for more viscid liquids. They are available in different types such as those that contain corrugated tubes to boost product turbulence as this improves operating efficiency and prevents fouling. Opt for scraped surface models for viscous and fouling liquids. The latter is available in two different types… rotary and reciprocating.

Will the heat transfer kit be able to cope with my product?

You need to consider several things. The equipment should have the capability to provide the appropriate amount of heat transfer. When purchasing a heat transfer kit, do not forget that different fluids have different thermal properties. Product flow rate apart, you need to consider factors such as solids content & texture, and viscosity to make sure that the product receives the right treatment.

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Other benefits of heat transfer kit

The majority of HRS heat exchangers have the ability to recover heat from the end of the process and use it again. This reduces the amount of heat required for the process. In other instances where the heat is plentiful, one can use the recaptured heat for other tasks such as heating buildings and offices.

From where to purchase a heat transfer kit?

Although Perth has several companies that sell and maintain a heat transfer kit, none of them offers you more value for your money than GMTair offers. Visit their website at or contact them on 9271 8643.

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