How to Service a Panasonic Ducted Air Conditioner

Panasonic Ducted Air Conditioning Servicing is important. Knowing how to service your Panasonic air conditioner in your own home will save you money. Panasonic air conditioning systems come with many different types of air conditioning filters. It is essential to keep the filters clean. Therefore ensuring the smooth operation of your reverse cycle air conditioning system. All brands of air conditioning systems heavily rely on air conditioning filters to protect important parts of your air conditioning system. Brands such as Panasonic, Samsung, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Actron Air, and Daikin just to name a few.

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What is reverse cycle ducted air conditioning

Reverse cycle ducted air conditioning is a fast efficient way to heat and cool your whole home. Reverse cycle ducted air conditioning is the best type of ducted air conditioning for heating and cooling large areas. It is used in all commercial air conditioning applications. Such as shopping centers, office building nursing homes. The list goes there are many quality brands available on the market today.

Things to do for when servicing your Panasonic air conditioner

Servicing a Panasonic split system air conditioner. The indoor head unit of the split system air conditioner will have a removable filter that can be cleaned inside the head unit. So open the front panel of the indoor unit and remove the filter. Take the filter outside and wash the dust off with a garden hose. Let the filter dry and replace it. The filter should be checked and cleaned every 3-6 months.

How do you clean a central air filter?

A ducted reverse cycle inverter has a slide-in filter which is located in the return air grille. The return air grille is mounted in your ceiling. The return air grille is either made out of Aluminium or plastic.

How do you remove an air conditioner filter?

The return air grille will have a screw nut on an aluminium. Unscrew the bolt from the grille and the return air grill. Look down either side of the frame which has dropped from the ceiling. In the central, you will see a screw either side in the middle of the frame. So Undo the screw a quarter of a turn and the filter will slide out. Ensure you take note which way the filter comes out because it must go back in the same way.

How to clean a central air filter

When the filter is removed from your return air grill. I would recommend taken the return air filter outside to clean with a standard garden hose. Place the garden hose up to the clean side of the filter and wash all the dust of the filter.

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