How to Use Your Ducted Air Conditioning Efficiently

Benefits of Air Conditioning Efficiency 

Knowing how to use your ducted air conditioning efficiency can have several benefits. An air conditioner contributes significantly to your household’s running costs, and efficient use can help you save money. 

Air conditioning efficiency can also reduce your household’s carbon footprint. If you want to limit your greenhouse gas emissions, efficient air conditioning use is the ideal place to start. 

Another benefit of efficient use is a longer unit lifespan. There are fewer on and off cycles and less wear and tear over time. The result is a lower maintenance requirement, and you will not have to replace your unit or its components as often as you usually would. 

Tips for Improving Ducted AC Efficiency 

Roof space ducting diagram

Close Your Doors and Windows 

Closing your doors and windows is one of the most effective ways to cool your home and reduce the heat load on your air conditioner. 

Try Not to Use Your Indoor Appliances 

Using appliances like your tumble dryer or oven increases your indoor temperature, and your air conditioner will have to work harder to maintain cooler temperatures. Avoid using these appliances on hot days. 

Switch off Air Conditioning in Unoccupied Rooms 

If a room is not in use, switch the air conditioning off and close the door. Doing so will reduce the area that the A/C has to keep cool. Sticking to two zones will also reduce the load on the unit. 

Service Your Unit Once a Year

The build-up of dust and grime in and around an air conditioner’s components and ducts can reduce its efficiency significantly. Annual maintenance will ensure that your unit always runs at optimal levels. 

Keep the Sun Out 

You don’t want your air conditioning to compete with the sun beaming into your home. Draw your curtains or close your blinds during the day to keep your indoor temperature at a manageable level. 

Set Your Thermostat to 24° 

Set your thermostat to 24° as this is the optimal indoor temperature. Any setting lower than this is excessive and will overload your system. 


Energy-efficient air conditioning will:

  • Help you save money
  • Lower your carbon footprint
  • Reduce maintenance and replacement costs 

If your unit is reaching the end of its lifespan, it may no longer be energy-efficient. For the supply and installation of efficient ducted air conditioning systems, contact GMT Air today.

Gerard Toland

Gerard has been involved in the Perth Air Conditioning for over 30 years. He is experienced in both the supply and installation of all types of air conditioning products and components for both commercial and residential buildings. He is well known for being one of the few suppliers who make their own ducting on site in his Perth warehouse. Quality ducting is paramount due to the quality insulation it provides from the harsh Perth heat. It is this dedication to quality which sets him apart from competitors.

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