Guide To HVAC Systems And Air Conditioning Vents Replacement

Your Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) is the oh so important system that heats and cools your home and places of work while indoors. Without it, life as we know it should be different. Yet, many of us know too little about these systems and how they operate. As such, we take a closer look at the important bits of ‘must-know’ information for HVAC systems and air conditioning vents replacement below.

HVAC Systems And Air Conditioning Vents Replacement

First Things First: How HVAC Systems Really Work

Most of your HVAC is hidden from sight when entering the home except for the vents which allow the air to flow throughout the living space. For the most part, many of us do not pay close attention to the vents either except when they stand in the way of the room’s décor. As far as design is concerned, vents are available in all sizes and shapes and can either stick out like a sore thumb or fit right in. Functionally speaking, these vents can impact the overall air quality in your living space and consequently the health of your home or office.

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Air Conditioning Vents Replacement in Residential Properties

You are likely to have one of two main vents in your home. They are return vents and supply vents. Generally speaking, return vents can be installed using a larger centralized system or they can be smaller and installed in each room of the home. These vents are designed to control the air flow and pressure throughout your home and are usually found closer to the ceiling on an interior wall.

Supply vents, on the other hand, can be found under windows, on the floor, or on the outer walls. Additionally, the supply events, each room in the home should have a supply register vent that allows the air from the HVAC system to enter the room as well as regulate the same.

As stated before, vents can be an eyesore when placed against a home’s interior design. Thankfully, vent covers or grills are perfect for remedying this situation. Air vent covers and grills are great for removing the impurities in the air and are available in a wide range of designs, colours, and sizes to help them better suit the interior décor.

Of course, like the rest of the HVAC system, the vent covers and grills need to be properly cared for and regular maintenance. From time to time (usually twice a year), the vents and grill covers are to be removed and thoroughly cleaned. However, once a month, the grilles should be lightly cleaned. Soft dish soap, warm water, and a soft microfiber cloth are to be used for the cleaning process.

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Before cleaning, be sure to do the following:

– Turn off the HVAC system
– Hold the cover in the middle and remove all the screws careful
– Once the screws are removed, use a flathead screwdriver to carefully pry the vent cover or grill from the wall

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