Maintaining Evaporative Air Conditioning Units

Evaporative Air Conditioning Maintenance

Compared to traditional air conditioning systems, the evaporative air conditioner is an eco-friendly and inexpensive alternative to cooling your home. They withdraw warm air via a series of water-soaked pads, chilling it before blowing it out into the room. They are easy to maintain due to relatively few moving parts.

However, your unit can get clogged or stop functioning without frequent maintenance. If you have an evaporative air conditioner, it is important you have it professionally maintained on an annual basis. This ensures the longevity of the system and that it functions as intended.

Below are some of the tasks carried out:

Exterior Cleaning

Wipe down the exterior of the evaporative cooler with a soft and damp rag with plain water or mild dish soap solution. Never use abrasive or harsh cleaners.

Visual Inspection

Open the unit according to the manufacturer’s instruction after unplugging it. Conduct a quick visual inspection of the unit, checking the water level and for spots where water is not flowing freely.

Cooling Pad Removal and Replacement

Lift the cooling pads gently and check them for mould, cracking, and other signs of damage. Now rise the unit thoroughly and wash it with mild soap solution. You need to replace the pads if they show signs of wear. Remove the retainer and frame, wash and dry it, and insert new pads before reinstalling it carefully. Ensure that the retainer and frame are properly installed without any gaps.

Float Valve Check

Check the float valve for debris or mineral deposits or debris, and wash it with a mild soapy solution if it does not move easily. Add water treatment tablets (consult manufacturer’s instructions for the type) if you notice scaling.

Belt and Motor Care

Ensure the belt of the air conditioner is tight by pushing it. Also, inspect it for cracks as well as other signs of wear and change it if necessary. Apply a light coat of oil on the motor’s moving parts.

Waterway and Filter Cleaning

Follow the manufacturer’s direction and pour warm and soapy water through the system, and release the solution through the drain plug. Use a soft rag to clear debris and dirt and flush the system with fresh and cool water. Take out the filters and replace them tightly after washing them with mild soap solution.

Water Level Set

After you flush the system, fill the water tank to its pre-set mark after flushing the system. Adjust the float arms if required. The cooling pads should be damp before turning on the system.

Seasonal Shut Down and maintenance

At the end of the summer, unplug the power cord and clean the pads, waterway, and filters as described above. Dry the components and leave the system to dry for a day or two. Refer to the owner’s manual for proper winter storage guidelines.

If you reside in Perth and do not feel comfortable performing the service, call GMTair, the evaporative air conditioning maintenance specialists.

Gerard Toland

Gerard has been involved in the Perth Air Conditioning for over 30 years. He is experienced in both the supply and installation of all types of air conditioning products and components for both commercial and residential buildings. He is well known for being one of the few suppliers who make their own ducting on site in his Perth warehouse. Quality ducting is paramount due to the quality insulation it provides from the harsh Perth heat. It is this dedication to quality which sets him apart from competitors.

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