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Panasonic Ducted Air is a quality brand that has a ducted air conditioning unit. So this type of unit will heat and cool your Perth home. Gmtair has been supplying quality Panasonic ducted air conditioning systems for the last 10 years. So at present, we have some fantastic pricing on Panasonic ducted air systems for Perth. Therefore at present, we have some Panasonic ducted air conditioning systems with special features.  So as an example we will offer a choice of 3 types of air conditioning vents at no extra charge. We also supply every ducted air conditioning system with quality West Australian made flexible ducting that passes all current standards.

Panasonic air conditioning

Some Differences in Panasonic Ducted Air Suppliers – Quality Components

Panasonic Ducted Air Flexible Ducting PerthRemember not every supplier uses the same quality of air conditioning components with your Panasonic Ducted air System. So at Gmtair we manufacture a lot of our own quality air conditioning components. We use Australian made products were possible.  A lot of Air conditioning Perth companies are using cheap overseas made flexible ducting.

So the cheap flexible ducting which is being imported from overseas the quality control in a lot of case is not consistent.  Gmtair manufactures our very own high quality flexible ducting. The flexible ducting passes all current standards. The flexible ducting we manufacture uses west Australian made high-quality insulation. Their insulation also passes all the latest standard.

motorised damperWith Panasonic ducted air conditioning system it is very important to use quality air conditioning components.  A Zoning system is the heart of any Panasonic ducted air conditioning system. A Panasonic ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system is split into zones.

The zoning system will direct the air-conditioned air to the areas where it is needed. We will use a quality metal motorised damper for zoning all the different areas of your home. We offer a solid 5-year warranty on all our steel motorised dampers.

Air conditioning vents can change the look and performance of your Panasonic ducted air system. So consider the different options available from the circular air conditioning vent. A 4-way air conditioning vent is the common type used which is made of plastic.

Levels of service we can offer on Panasonic Ducted Air Systems

So Gmtair can offer many different levels of service. We can offer a supply and install service were we will look after the job from start to finish. We can also offer a complete fully designed Diy air conditioning system designed to suit your home. With the DIY option, you can save yourself up to $1000.00 on installation costs. The savings will depend on the size of your home.  If you need a trade or service we have all good quality tradesmen on our books to help complete your project in the desired time frame.

Send us in your house plans for an obligation free quote on A Panasonic ducted air conditioning system for Perth.

Gerard Toland

Gerard has been involved in the Perth Air Conditioning for over 30 years. He is experienced in both the supply and installation of all types of air conditioning products and components for both commercial and residential buildings. He is well known for being one of the few suppliers who make their own ducting on site in his Perth warehouse. Quality ducting is paramount due to the quality insulation it provides from the harsh Perth heat. It is this dedication to quality which sets him apart from competitors.

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