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Air Transfer Kits Perth – A low cost way to heat your home.

Air Transfer Kits have become a cost effective way to transfer warm air throughout your home. Energy costs are rising every year and people are looking to save money were ever they can. Why not used wasted energy or free natural resources. Some examples of other product over the years where  we have utilised wasted energy have been.

  • Solar hot water
  • Solar panels

An air transfer kit is  a cheap option to utilise wasted energy. There are many different versions of air transfer that have proven effective over the years. Different countries call them different things and use for different reasons hot and cold.

air transfer kit diagram

An example of how air transfer kit work

An air transfer kit is designed to take warm or cold air from one area to another. The typical design for an air transfer kit would be. A house that has a large open family room which has a good quality heat source. Like a slow combustion log fire or similar.  Because we all know warm air rises therefore a layer of warm air is present above our heads. So in this case in our family room we have a layer of hot air trapped at our ceiling level not being used. In fact this layer of warm air is wasted energy. We can cut a hole in the ceiling and place an ducted air conditioning vent in that hole.  We can therefore extract that warm air to other parts of our home. through flexible ducting using an inline fan to other rooms in our home .Generally these rooms would be bed rooms used for sleeping.

Expectations of air transfer kits

This type of process would take hours not minutes. I say to a lot of my customers do not expect to much from the air transfer kit. It is to take the chill of the room during winter. If you want to have instant heat in your bedroom you would have to install a source that produces heat. There fore some examples would be. A ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system or a High wall split system. These 2 system produce heat were as the air transfer kit just transfers  the heat from another source which is why The air transfer kit it is a far cheaper option.

What makes up an Air Transfer Kit or Heat transfer kit

air transfer kitsThe Air transfer kit consists of a in-line fan various different sizes are available. Depending on the number of supply vents the fan diameter may change. The kit can range from 1 outlet up to 4 outlets. Included in the kits are

  • insulated Y pieces
  • air conditioning vents
  • insulated flexible ducting
  • Inline Fan
  • Duct tape
  • light switch

The price of air transfer kits can vary from $350.00 up to $650.00 depending on your application. Because there are so many different suppliers that sell air transfer kits the quality will vary choose wisely. Buy from a shop in your local area so you can hear the fan running and see quality of components used.

The time to install your system may take up to 2-3 hours to install. The electrical side of the installation would need to done by a qualified electrician. We can design the air transfer kit to suit your needs and give you the best recommendations to suit your application.

Things to look out for when choosing an air transfer kit

Make sure what ever system you buy  you use a quality insulated flexible ducting so you do not loose the energy in the roof space through plain flexible ducting. When buying for cold air transfer just be aware it will not be as effective. Because cool air drops and warm air rises. The cool air kit will still have some effect as you are still circulating air. The cool air circulation will be more like a pedestal fan result.

In summary the air transfer kit / heat transfer kit is one of the cheapest forms of ducted air movement on the market today. It works very well on the heating side as hot air rises.

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