Flexible Ducting


While there are many different qualities of flexible ducting available on the market today. Gmtair is a local manufacturer based in Embeleton Western Australia. We produce one of the highest quality products available on the Perth market today. We Produce and stock a large range of high quantity flexible ducting. Because we manufacture our products locally we can control the quality and maintain a high standard. We only use quality Australian made insulation manufactured locally with a well established Australian company. Therefore the end product is of higher quality as we control the manufacturing process and the materials we use.  We do not cut corners when it comes to the quality of the materials used in the Final product.

Uses for Flexible Ducting

Below are a few uses for ducting through out your hone.  All the ducting we produce meets the Australian standard.

  • Toilet exhaust and range hoods use a plain ducting for extracting stale or smelly odours.
  • Skylight ducting brings the bright light form outside your home to inside your home. The material used has a great UV inhibitor to extend the life of the product.
  • Ducted air conditioning is the most common use for ducting. A ducted air conditioning system will heat or cool your home or office.

Ducting Materials Used

At Gmtair we manufacture our own flexible ducting using a Preglued flexible ducting machine. The flexible ducting we produce is of far better quality than most other products on the market. The reason for this is, we use a thicker polyester material in the manufacturing process. Pictured to the right  is our premium Aluminium flexible ducting which is used in commercial applications and ducted gas heating.

In recent years we are starting to seeing a lot more imported flexible ducting products come into Australia. Therefore I am a little concerned with this. As we have seen within other industries sub standard products have enter the market. When selecting flexible ducting buy locally made. Because Australian manufacturers have to produce their products to the relevant Australian standard.

Insulated Flexible ducting

Insulated flexible ducting is used in all ducted air conditioning systems. Both for domestic application and also commercial applications. Because all flexible ducting is now manufactured to a strict standard.


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