Metal Air Diffusion


Commercial applications use Metal air diffusion such as shopping centres and high rise buildings to name a few. Domestic applications also require metal air diffusion for particular applications such as:

Kitchen bulk heads in new builds were the space is very restricted and you have a certain size.
Two storey homes were penetrations are certain sizes
Wall registers where ceiling mounted grilles are not possible
Jet diffuser where air needs to travel long distances.
Metal air diffusion is traditionally more expensive than Plastic air diffusion. This is the reason it is only used in high end domestic homes or speciality applications. The product will last a lot longer than plastic as it does not break down over time. The reason a powder coated aluminium extrusion and suits a lot of different applications.

Uses for Metal Air Diffusion

Because metal air diffusion can either be inside or outside it is a very versatile product. A few examples would be applications used in commercial buildings

A weather proof louvre that is place on the outside of buildings to allow ventilation for fans ect. Therefore as the name suggest stops the rain and vermin from entering the building because of the way the weather proof louvre is manufactured
Egg crate grille a common place you would see this application would be toilets or bathrooms. The egg crate grill allows the odours or moist air to be vented into the extraction system dispersing moist air or foul odours to the outside atmosphere.
Door grilles are used to allow air to be vents from a room. Typically used in an office for ducted reverse cycle air conditioning to allow the air in the room to be recirculated back to the return air grille. The are normally supplied in a natural anodised colour
Bar grilles or linear slot diffusers they are used in supply air side of the air conditioning system.
Return air grilles these come in all different shapes and sizes. These grilles have filters fitted for easy maintenance and recycle the air back to the return air side of the reverse cycle unit
There are however some products that are used in domestic ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems. Return air grilles ceiling diffusers and linear slot air diffusers. Metal air diffusion generally costs more to buy as the materials are more expensive than the plastic. There is a large variety of metal air diffusion products that are quite standard listed below are the most common products that are readily available.

Metal air diffusion can be manufactured to suit your application

We can arrange to get any type of grille manufactured within a reasonable lead time depending on quantity. If it is a special product you take on a regular basis we would consider adding it to our stock line. Because Gmtair carries a Large range of metal air diffusion large projects can be supplied ex stock. We also have Australian suppliers with large stock levels fto back up up should the need arise

Different types of Metal Air Diffusion

  • Circular Diffuser for refrigerated systems
  • Aluminium diffusers lay in and bevel edge
  • Double deflection wall registers
  • Door relief grilles
  • Return air grilles
  • linear slot diffusers
  • Egg crate grilles
  • Aluminium Louvres

For large commercial jobs contact us for special pricing on both air diffusion and flexible ducting. The quality of our air diffusion and flexible ducting would be the best available to the Perth market.

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