Skylight Ducting


Gmtair Produces Quality Skylight ducting here in Perth.

Gmtair  specialises in the production of a high quality Skylight flexible ducting. We use quality raw materials tailored with our unique production process. We manufacture several different types of skylight ducting.

Our Basic skylight ducting is manufactured from 2 layers of UV treated metallised polyester. This is bonded together using a a quality fire rated glue. The ducting is then encapsulated with a high tensile spring wire to maintain the correct shape required. We manufacture the skylight flexible ducting in either a 3 metre or 6 metre length. This type of ducting is similar to other products on the market. The UV level and the glue use can vary depending on who you buy your skylight ducting from. Most Skylight Product is made by what we call a wet glue process

Aluminium Skylight ducting

We also produce a high quality aluminium skylight ducting which has a higher resistance to UV degradation. This will also help with light reflection of your natural light skylight ducting Perthfrom outside to inside. Because of the materials used the product naturally costs more. It contains an extra layer of aluminium  and extra fire rated glue so it feels a more solid product.

Because as a consumer you have no idea what products are used. In the manufacture of the typical run of the mill skylight ducting. In my opinion there are 2 things to consider when selecting skylight ducting.

  • The most important question you should ask your supplier does the product contain UV inhibitor.
  • Is it manufactured using fire rated glue and what is the life expectancy of the skylight duct.

Once the skylight is installed in your roof many people do not check there system on a regular basis to ensure no break down of the skylight tube going from your roof top dome to your ceiling diffuser.

As the old saying goes you get what you pay for make sure you do your home work and buy a quality Australian made product from a quality supplier that has a good reputation and will be there if you have a problem. If you are looking for quality skylight ducting call down to the factory and take a look for your self. We can show you the two different types. we sell to the public and happy to supply skylight companies with bulk quantities at competitive prices.

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