How Much Does It Cost To Have A Skylight Installed?

Skylight Installation Cost: What To Expect

A skylight is a fantastic feature to add to a home, particularly in areas that receive plenty of sunshine. Skylights let in natural light, allow for a wonderful view of the sky, and visually expand living space. They also help reduce the demand for energy to light up a home, which makes them popular among homeowners.

skylight installation cost

Skylight Installation Cost

Cost is often a major consideration for homeowners. In homes where a skylight cannot be accommodated, for example, part of the roofing and the ceiling will have to be rebuilt to install the skylight. The work required to do this means added cost on top of the materials and installation charges.

To understand what goes into skylight installation cost, there is a number of factors that should be considered, such as type of skylight material to be installed, size, location and accessibility, and labour cost.

Material and Type or Design

The most affordable material for skylights is acrylic. Acrylics cost at least $350 and up to $430 for small- to medium-sized skylights.

Glass skylights can cost about 30% to 50% more, depending on the size and design.

Tubular skylights are priced at around $150 to as much as $600. Fixed skylights, on average, cost around $200. Keep in mind that the price increases depending on the quality of the material and the style of the skylight. In some cases, the cost could go as high as $1,300 per window.

Vented skylights, on the other hand, are more expensive because they generally require electricity to operate. The cost to install vented skylights ranges from $300 to as much as $1,200 for each window.

It is also important to remember that certain types of skylights carry a higher price tag. Manual skylights, such as those that use hand cranks, are cheaper than electronically-controlled models. The cost of electric models can also go up by at least $200 if an automatic rain sensor is included in the installation.

Installation Costs

Typically, the installation cost is separate from the cost of materials. The estimate of the cost submitted by the contractor should include the installation fee.

Often, the fee is charged per window installed. In general, the cost of installation can range from $300 to as much as $4,000. Installation costs will depend on the material, location, and ease of access to the roof. Skylights can be one of many inexpensive ways to improve your home.

Making the Perfect Choice

In general, custom skylights are better than pre-fabricated skylights. Custom skylights are more accurately measured to match the requirements of the home. When considering the cost of the installation and the materials, it is also important to include the complexity of the job. The more difficult a job is, the more a contractor will charge.

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