Wall Split Air Conditioner

Wall Split Air Conditioner is a fantastic way to heat or cool a single room. When your you need a room air conditioned give us a call you will not be disappointed. We sell many different quality brands at wholesale prices. We can also recommend a quality installer we would use to in install air conditioning in my own Perth home.

5 reasons to buy a quality brand wall split air conditioner from a specialist

  1. The most important factor in my opinion would be reliability. Because I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for. So why not spend those extra few dollars and therefore get a brand name that has a proven track record and a performance reputation.
  2. A specialist air conditioning company will size your machine properly to suit the conditions. Because a good company should recommend the strongest brand to suit your application. (not all brands have the same features) Some brands are better suited to certain applications
  3. A Specialist air conditioning companies will give you the best product for the job and make you aware of any specials that are available.
  4. They will generally do a site inspection to ensure they advise if they have any concerns with your application.
  5. Installation costs will generally be better priced  than retailer as they are after referral work

At Gmtair we sell many different brands of wall split air conditioners. Gmtair stocks Mitsubishi heavy industries. We have found the brand to be very competitively priced and extremely reliable.

Mitsubishi heavy industries wall split air conditioner

The Mitsubishi wall split air conditioner range starts off at 2.0kw and the range goes up to a massive 9.5kw. As an example a 2.0kw wall split will heat or cool a small bedroom. The system would be fairly cheap to run as an example I have a 2.5kw in a small factory office. The system would cost me no more than $40.00 a bill summer or winter . A 9.5 kW  Mitsubishi wall split air conditioner will heat or cool a large family lounge room or games room with ease.

The current Range of Mitsubishi wall split air conditioners have been designed with modern stylish contours. they are designed to blend in stylishly to any modern decor. They were design by Italian designers. They offer fantastic functionality and are a very modern design. The Mitsubishi wall split air conditioner has also wifi capabilities as an optional extra.

Wall split air conditioner Gases

The current Mitsubishi wall split air conditioner range has had a gas change. They now run a R32 Gas the R32 gas is a lot more more efficient than the previous R410a gas. The R32 gas has less impact on the environment, more energy efficiency, safety and cost effectiveness. Over time the introduction of the gas will help with the reduction in the use of high global warming potential refrigerants.

When selecting a wall split air conditioning system ensure you know which gas the system contains. Because the units with older gases should be cheaper. Call by the factory to discuss your wall split air conditioner needs.




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