Tips For Ducted Air Conditioning In Your Perth Home

Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Tips

A ducted reverse cycle system is unarguably your best choice when it boils down to choosing a suitable air conditioning unit. However, be careful with your model selection. This job is made rougher due to the wide range of models available.

Follow this guide to select the perfect conditioning unit.

Make requisite necessary adjustments to your house.

It is vital to make necessary modifications to ensure your chosen unit functions efficiently, such as tweaking the layout of your house slightly. Ensure your house is properly insulated by installing shades, window screens, and roof vents. In addition, remember that certain units tend to be quite noisy when functioning. Put such systems in a suitable place where they will not disturb your neighbours.

Why Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

A ducted reverse cycle system is perhaps your best choice when selecting an appropriate air conditioning unit.

Starting points

There are no shortcuts involved in ducted reverse cycle air conditioners. Consult a knowledgeable technician on factors that define aspects like layout, design, and size of the unit.

What is the meaning of reverse cycle?

Air conditioning units operate on a heat pump principle. A fan pulls warm air from your room through a refrigerant, cooling down the air by absorbing heat. The chilled air is pushed back to the room.

The refrigerant evaporates on absorbing the hot air and funnels into a compressor, where it converts into a highly pressurised gas. This gas passes via an external heat exchanger in which heat escapes allowing the coolant to liquefy and cool. The refrigerant then flows through a low-pressure expansion unit in which it cools further and becomes ready for absorbing heat.

Selecting an ideal system

Here are some helpful tips you should consider before settling for a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning unit for your abode:

• Your floor plan including the room dimensions, ceiling height, as well as the number of levels.
• Layout, positioning, and size of your doors as well as and windows.
• Levels of insulation.
• Number of occupants.
• The purpose of each zone (sleeping, living, or cooking).
• Your outdoor space’s nature.

Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Importance of Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

It is important that you make requisite adjustments for ensuring the unit you choose functions efficiently. This involves tweaking your home’s layout slightly. Ensure your house is properly insulated by installing shades, window screens, as well as roof vents.

Features that you should consider:

Zoning means partitioning your house into different zones for both economy plus convenience. This permits you to use air conditioning for cooling only the part of the house that you are occupying.

These are perfect for houses having a tiny ceiling space. You can install them on walls or ceilings.

These can either be mounted on the wall or wired or mounted. You only need one controller; however, for convenience purposes, large homes may require extra controllers.

They keep track of the room’s temperature.

On receiving a quote, visit the website of the manufacturer to view the entire range of features.

To avoid losing valuable cold or heat or cold during the air conditioning process ensure that ducts are thermally efficient. The ducting of the model you select ought to meet the Australian standard for ductwork.

Running costs
Operating expenses depends on:
• Your unit’s size
• The unity’s energy efficiency
• Construction type of your home
• The power tariff
• Temperature settings


Being easy to use and energy efficient, the ducted reverse cycle air conditioning units guarantees many years of perfect and dedicated service and are a worthwhile investment for any home. Contact GMTair for a no-obligation quote today. They are Perth’s Air Conditioning Specialists for 30+ Years.

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