What Are The Common Issues Of Ducted Air Conditioning?

Ducted air conditioning troubleshooting is quite a common occurrence in modern-day Perth homes. So knowing what are the common issues of your ducted air conditioning systems are very important. Air conditioning troubleshooting charts are available all over the internet. So my advice unless would be, unless your system is under warranty do your research before you call a service technician. A good quality HVAC troubleshooting flowchart will give examples of common ac problems and solutions and how to fix them.

Ducted Air Conditioning Troubleshooting – Evaporative Cooling

So no matter what type of ducted air conditioning you have. Each manufacturer provides a simple air conditioning problems and solutions PDF. If not provide on the day of install, they are readily available off the internet. Some common air conditioning problems and solutions for evaporative air conditioning system might be.

  • Problem: My evaporative air conditioner not turning on.
    Solution: Check your meter box make sure your circuit breaker is in the on position. Check your isolator switch inside your air conditioner on your roof to ensure it is in the on position. Because it may have been isolated over winter when not in operation.
  • Problem: The air conditioner is working but not cooling
    Solution: This can be a common problem with many different solutions. The most obvious and simplest to fix is turn the water on at isolation valve. When evaporative air conditioners are shut down for winter. The isolator valve must always be turned off.
  • Problem: So Why is my air conditioner not cooling the house
    Solution: You may need to open an extra door or window to let enough relief out of the evaporative air conditioner


ductless air conditioning troubleshooting


Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Troubleshooting

Ducted Air Conditioning Troubleshooting is a must to avoid an unneeded call out fee. So There are a few simple things to check prior to calling out a service technician. Have a look online and you will find many different HVAC troubleshooting flow chart pdf to help you with the problems. A good search term would be Carrier air conditioner problems. Therefore Some issues to consider would be.


  • Problem: Air conditioner running but not lowering temperature.
    Solution: Reduce the amount of zone that is open to increasing airflow in the area where it is needed.
  • Problem: How to fix air conditioner not cooling
    Solution: Clean the filter and increase your airflow.
  • Problem: Ac not cooling enough
    Solution: Air conditioner could be low on gas or have a gas leak.
  • Problem: Air conditioner not cooling to set temperature-central.
    Solution: So ask your self Is the temperature realistic or is the machine-sized correctly.


Choosing A Good HVAC Technician

So after you have played the HVAC contractor troubleshooting game and you still have a problem. You will have to call a good service company. I would recommend a well established reputable company for 2 reasons. The first reason they will repair your machine and charge a fair price. Also, the second reason is they have their reputation to protect.




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